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From ensuring the little ones are fed, watered and tucked up in bed on time to finishing that all-important presentation (yes, the one that’s due at 9am tomorrow but you’ve been putting off for weeks), sometimes it’s hard to be a woman.

Life’s little niggles don’t help either … as this video shows.

You know what we’re talking about – those pesky little niggles that get in the way of even the simplest tasks and give us an unbearable headache day in and day out.

The leisurely lunch break that quickly turns into a mad rush because your boss has suddenly decided to arrange a meeting … the lengthy queue you face at the coffee shop despite rising at an ungodly early hour to beat the crowds (obviously no-one thought to tell the crowds they weren’t allowed to share the same idea) … or the annoying red spot that has magically surfaced (right on the end of your nose for maximum visibility) just as you’re about to attend an important event, be photographed or appear on camera.

It’s not just our appearance and daily routines that can be affected by niggles though … our comfort can also come under attack from one of the biggest niggles of all: the ill-fitting bra!

Regardless of what bra you choose, it seems inevitable that you’ll end up adjusting it at least several times a day – often in the most inconvenient of places and whilst trying to make it look like you’re not doing anything at all (FYI – that shoulder shuffle move you do when trying to move your bra strap back up your arm is fooling no one. We all know what you’re doing so you might as well just shove your hand up your sleeve and get it over with!)

You may think that this is one niggle you’ll just have to put up with … but you’d be wrong. Triumph, who made the great video you watched above, came up with a fantastic solution – the Magic Wire Bra. Basically, it takes out the pesky wire and replaces it with silicon you get support and comfort – which is at least one little niggle fixed.

But what about the rest?

Sharing your own niggle or solution using #nigglefixwill put you in touch with women who may have had similar experiences – offering you the best chance of finding the answer to your prayers. There’s also plenty of great content on The Huffington Post which is well worth a look! You never know, one of the celebs or comedians adding content to this hub might even have a solution to one of your very own age-old qualms!

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