Sam had the day off on Friday to prepare food for his lads weekend. But he had done most of the prep on Thursday evening, so found himself unexpectedly free on Friday morning. ‘Excellent’, I thought. It meant that he could take Arlo, and I could get on with some image editing.

I wanted nothing more than to sit in front of my computer and know I had at least three uninterrupted hours to allow myself to become fully immersed in the creative process – working in snatches now that I have Arlo is one thing that I really struggle with (and I don’t just mean ‘work’ work, but working on my own images too). Yes, I have the evenings, but I work better during the day and try to limit the evenings where Sam and I sit in silence, both staring at our respective screens.

Anyway, Sam basically said “We are going to have family time this morning. Our weekends have become too separate, and I’m not going to see you and Arlo for most of it, so now is the time.”

He dragged me out when I was reluctant. But I’m very glad he did because we ended up having the best time.

As he now understands everything we say, and we’d told him earlier that he was going to see the ducks, he was muttering “Duck, duck, duck” for the whole duration of the twenty minute walk to the pond.

This guy got quite brave and ate straight out of Arlo’s hand, producing lots of giggles.

This was the first time Arlo had fed the ducks himself and he absolutely loved it. He got the idea right away. He took his job as duck-feeder very seriously and looked like a pro. Let’s just say it was one of those moments where there were lots of proud glances between Sam and me.

Why didn’t anyone tell me how fun it is to have a toddler?


  1. Awww, lovely pictures. He looks like he really enjoyed his little trip to feed the ducks.
    My little man is obsessed with ducks and we have a river right outside where we live so we have to go and see them most days. Although at the moment he tends to watch me feed them as he tends to eat the bread if I hand it to him! X

  2. Unexpected outings are always the best, and it’s always the simplest and cheapest outings that are the most fun, we love feeding the ducks with Alex but don’t do it as much as we should!

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