Everyone knows that kids don’t come cheap.

Even just prepping for a new baby can leave you facing debts you don’t need. Add that to the fact you stand to lose one income for the foreseeable, and you could say it’s a sure recipe for disaster. Yet, parents across the world cope, and one of the ways they do that is to pass baby stuff from one child to another.

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As soon as your kiddies are old enough, there’s a temptation to get rid of all those baby grows and tiny toys. You may even feel that you can’t retain your sanity until it’s all gone. But, if you have any remote plans to have more children in the future, you could do with resisting that urge. Just think about the fortune you could save yourself by holding onto that stuff for a few more years. Isn’t it eye-watering to think about spending all that money again down the line?


Of course, this doesn’t mean you want all that stuff cluttering your cupboards. It also doesn’t mean you can shove any old thing into a rubbish bag and deal with it later. There are steps you need to take to make this work. And, we’re going to talk you through the main ones here.




First, take time to wash every single thing before you pack it. Baby’s stuff has a habit of getting unbelievably filthy, and that dirt won’t ever come off if you leave it to sit for a few years. Besides, would you want to put anything that’s been dirty for that long near a newborn? We didn’t think so. Instead, you need to dedicate yourself to the task of cleaning. That means washing clothes, disinfecting toys, and making sure that high chair is gleaming.


Know where you’re going to store it all


Next, you need to decide where to store this stuff. Whatever you choose, out of sight is always best in these cases. Attics are prime locations for this. They’re well out of the way until the time comes when you need everything again. If you don’t have a useable attic space, you may also find it beneficial to use your garage for storage here. Bear in mind that you will want to consider something like these roller garage doors for homes which provide extra security. When you add it all up, after all, that baby stuff is pretty valuable. Even worse, it’s small and easy for thieves to get away with. But, by putting security measures in place in decent time, there’s no reason why outside storage can’t work for you.


Get organised

It’s also vital that you get organised. When you’re pregnant or have a newborn, the last thing you want is to sort through endless bags of old stuff. Make sure you don’t have to by splitting everything into age groups and labelling it clearly. That way, you’ll be able to get all the right stuff without having to think twice.

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