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On the hunt for some exciting outdoor activities that you can do with your family? These tips are bound to give you ideas for anything from camping in the woods to hiking or even trying something new, depending only on how adventurous you are.

A forest night walk

Walking may not seem like the most adventurous of activities, but if you do it in the dark, in a forest, it adds a level of mystery and excitement, particularly for children. Your kids will be able to carry and use their own torch to explore familiar places or, if you’re feeling braver, somewhere unknown where you can all try and find your bearings. If you’re planning a walk at night, make sure you and your family are wearing the correct clothing to remain visible to potential hazards. It’s also important to wear the right footwear no matter the distance you’re planning on walking. Investing in a sturdy pair of Dickies boots may be your best option if you’re planning some rigorous hiking.


This activity comes with a real element of danger, so it many not be best suited to families with younger children. Scrambling is somewhere between rock climbing and hill walking, where you have to use both your hands and your feet to go up or go down. It is a climbing discipline in its own right, and can be done up to an expert level. Families who want to try out scrambling with their children should begin with short and easy routes that are free from elements such as rocks and stones that could be potentially damaging. Always make sure that your family wear helmets to prevent any risk from falling debris.

Cook outdoors

Try another form of scrambling outdoors: scrambling eggs! Cooking outdoors without the use of electricity can be a fun challenge and a great way to get your family to work together. For this activity, all you’ll need is a stove, matches and some food. Then, plan a simple meal that kids can help to prepare and cook on the stove, or try barbequing. Plus, going without electricity can contribute to increasing awareness of this energy source, so this activity may benefit your utility bills, too!

Bike riding

Cycling is fun exercise, and a perfect activity to do as a family. There are so many fantastic cycle trails around towns and cities, as well as the national cycle network that has linked up a number of off-road and quiet routes.


Camping is a classic outdoor activity that many families enjoy all year round. Taking small children camping can introduce them to sights and sounds that they may not previously have been accustomed to. Many family-friendly campsites are located on farms, and very often this means kids have the ability to spend time getting to know the animals. If your children are a little older, allow them to entertain themselves with creating campfires, building dams in streams or rope swinging. Camping can introduce a number of invaluable life skills into your children’s life such as independence, self-reliance and confidence.

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