Most people in modern days have a love-hate relationship with their garden.

While we all dream of a lush and beautiful yard, most of us are running short on time when it comes to maintaining it. Besides, impatience is a natural consequence of our digitally-enhanced lifestyles. When you can get your meal delivered in less than 30 minutes at the click of a button, it feels incredibly uncomfortable to have to wait for nature to grow and perform as we wish. Granted, plants have abilities that are beyond our grasp – you can grow a new plant out of a leaf or a branch.

It might sound ordinary, but you wouldn’t imagine the same thing with people. Consequently, when it comes to learning to love your garden again, you need to bear not only these characteristics in mind but you also have to make sure that your gardening efforts suit your lifestyle too. Which garden style is right for you?

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You’re patient, and you love the unfinished touches

For homeowners who are happy to invest time in changing their outdoors, there’s nothing as mesmerising as watching your garden grows, season after season. However, a cosy and elegant garden can take a lot of time to develop. Ultimately, you need to be realistic. Whether it’s a newly built property or an old house, when the outdoor has been neglected for a long time, you’ll need to hit the reset button before you can begin your gardening journey. But every effort you’ll put into regaining control of the garden is the start of a new story. A story of friendly helpers, a story of love, a story of dedication, a story of teamwork. Your garden will be like a butterfly, and once the hibernating – or hard work – season has gone, you’ll discover its vibrant colours, its fresh scents, and its potential for making new memories.

You’re worried about allergies

You can be a nature lover and suffer from the worst pollen allergies. When nature is best in pictures than on your front door, you need to consider alternative solutions to reduce the risks of grass pollen allergies. Nobody should live through a season of sneezing, itching and coughing every year because of the garden. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to wave goodbye to your green haven of peace. On the contrary, you can consider the offers from specialists such as New Lawn Artificial Grass Ltd, which proposes a variety of natural-looking lawn with any of the pollen allergies! How do you know if you’re going to be allergic to grass pollen? Ultimately, if you can’t walk in your estate in spring without scratching your arms and fighting tears when your neighbours mow the lawn, it’s a clear sign you should avoid fresh grass at all costs!

It’s never too small to be stylish

If the backyard is too small for a lawn, how about a potted garden or vertical shelves of plants? Don’t be fooled into thinking garden means lawn. You can create a lovely space by combining a mini greenhouse and a living wall!

From patient gardeners who cherish every memory along the way to minimalist garden lovers, you have many options to inject some love in your green backyard!

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