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Keeping healthy is essential and starting young means that you will find room for this throughout your life because they are habit forming.

The scenario

You are a singer, or in a choir, perhaps even attend to occasional karaoke night but like any artist, your greatest asset needs to be in shape and stay vibrant. For this combination to co-exist with your busy life-style which could include parenthood, or balancing another job and perhaps even both, keeping on top of your health will maintain the perfect harmony you are looking for in life and work.

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The do’s

Drinking a minimum of eight glasses of water a day which does equate to half a gallon! This is to keep the vocal chords hydrated. The water needs to be delivered around your metabolism through the bloodstream.

All artists, be they dancers or writers, will need their quota of water as they glide in their dance shoes over the floor.

Breathing exercises
An easy way to breathe properly is to place your hands on your stomach and while inhaling, pretend that you have to fill your tummy with air, then exhale letting it return to its normal place. When you sing, aim to use this technique while you sing a sustained note.

Singing practice

Preserve your voice and do not scream as you will need to be gentle on your vocal chords. Changing your habits will be a useful exercise to become aware of its sensitivity and whenever you feel the urge to have to talk louder than usual or find that you need to talk over others, think twice as this habit is what will cause the wear and tear on your voice: your singing will be more difficult and sheer hard work without the fun.

Exercise and Rest

Like any muscle, you need to warm it up everyday slowly (in the shower, waiting for the lights to change etc) so that it will be in good shape and versatile. Plus it is essential that you sleep a lot remembering that using your phone, means your voice too! Switch it off at night

Food and drink habits

Both food and drink, as we know, affect your health but most especially if you are in training for any field. There are ingredient in alcohol and even mouthwashes that cause harm to the throat and can dry the vocal chords. You may love eating a spicy meal but this too can affect the chords but then you will also have to have a rethink about lemon tea as lemons with their acidity are also hard on them. And absolutely no cigarettes!

Once all this is in place, have a great time!


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