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How to ensure you’re buying the best quality produce for your family

At the beginning of their lifetimes our children are unable to fend for themselves, this means we (as parents) must give up a lot of time when it comes to cleaning the house, dressing the little ones, teaching them new skills and preparing their daily meals. Thankfully, all this hard work is extremely rewarding and mums and dads around the globe certainly get a lot of pleasure from it.

The supermarket shop

With many hungry mouths to feed (husbands included) the supermarket shop seems to come around relatively quickly. Occasionally, you may even find yourself at your local branch on a weekly basis. In order to ensure you’re buying exactly what you need, but not only that, good food too, it’s important to make a concise shopping list.


If you have a favourite recipe book, consult this prior to your shop – this will ensure you stick to your budget, whilst also buying items capable of making several weekday breakfasts and lunches, as well as various evening meals. This certainly avoids that last minute ‘ingredient’ panic when it comes to making a certain dish.

Healthy favorites

Sticking to a healthy eating regime doesn’t mean you have to surrender your tastebuds to vegetables alone and there are in fact a number of healthy, wholesome yet tasty products to choose from. It’s also important to allow your little ones a treat every now and again – such as a side of fries, a delicious desert or an ice cream whilst out and about. A side of McCain curly fries is a popular favourite and the best bit? They’re baked in sunflower oil – a healthier alternative to that of chip fat!

Farm shops

If you’re lucky enough to live next to a farm, you may find that they sell local produce. This is a great way to do your bit for the local economy, whilst also ensuring you buy the best quality produce for your family. It’s scary to think how many E numbers, preservatives and processed ingredients go into certain foods today, which is why it’s always important to read the label. If you can, encourage your little ones to help you arrange a vegetable patch. This is not only a fun activity to be involved in, it’s also a great way to ensure your children learn the importance of organic foods and eating their five a day.



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