Is it too early to say the word Christmas… or is it because you’re never quite ready for it to be Christmas? 


The festive season can feel like an overdrive on consumption, more toys, and plastic stuff, and overbuying than ever. 


And that is part of the joy, is having so much extra. But you can still have a sustainable Christmas with all of the charm and festivities! 

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Panic buying is one of the fastest ways to buy more than you want, with a hefty price tag and things that will likely be opened and maybe not make it until the summer months. 


Aim to buy gifts that give the person something to do or something to enjoy for longer. Plants are one of the best gifts to give people, as they last for years with a bit of care. 


For children, try to choose a gift that needs them to make the item, this gives them something to do on the wintery days. Try to choose something that is child-safe, so the child can do it alone. 


A real tree is a delightful smelling luxury, but there are a lot of real trees that don’t come from a sustainable source. A faux tree can bring all of the joy of decoration and sparkly lights without the mess and the need to dispose of it afterwards. Christmas Tree World’s artificial Christmas tree collection is the perfect antidote. 


For years, an artificial tree can be used with some care and will keep giving that loved Christmas tree spirit for years. 

Wrapping paper

Wrapping paper can be one of the most oversized wasted items, but you can switch to a more sustainable option. Ditching the sellotape and plastic ribbons for material ribbons and brown paper can make it much easier to recycle the wrapping well. 


Brown eco-friendly wrapping paper also looks beautiful, so you won’t need to worry about your gift not looking stunning. 


You might also choose to swap from wrapping paper to reusable fabric wrapping options. Check out the Japanese tradition of Furoshiki. You use a cloth to wrap up things, and then that can be reused by the recipient. 

More plants

Cards are such a great thing to give and receive, but if they aren’t kept in a drawer for years, they often make it to the trash can. Cards with glitter and some other additions can’t be recycled – but there is something you can do. 


Buy sustainable plantable cards. The zero-waste cards come with seeds in the paper, and once planted, they begin to grow some beautiful plants. 


Choose an option with wildflowers since they will come into bloom over the spring months and be a friendly reminder of you. 

Food Waste

Christmas time sees a tremendous amount of food waste. The supermarkets are packed with new choices every year, and the frenzy of having the most delicious food causes people to overbuy. 


You can reduce your food waste in a few ways:



And just being more mindful of what you are buying and why can help reduce all of the extra Christmas waste. 


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