We all know the various challenges that come with having children.

Having a child is always a major journey, from those sleepless nights to temper tantrums, sometimes we feel like there is no let-up, especially when external circumstances come to the fore. But sometimes we find ourselves feeling the pressure in other ways. Financially speaking, the cost of living increases, and so we have to make drastic alterations to every part of our life. Downsizing or moving into a smaller property when you have children that have grown up in one place can seem like a very heartbreaking prospect. But when it comes to downsizing, is this necessarily a bad thing, or is it something that can represent a new start? Let’s see if we can change your perspective of downsizing, but also ensure that making a major change with the family doesn’t have to be a negative thing.

Changing The Perspective

Starting a new adventure is all about the frame of mind. When you downsize from a house to a smaller property like a flat, it can feel like a kick in the teeth. But if you start to treat it like it’s a different adventure, and embrace the challenges that come along with it, you might very well find that things improve. A good example is to look at where you have lived, and realise that it wasn’t as rosy as it appeared. Even if you had a bigger property, it might have been dilapidated or just generally unsafe. But when you moved to a place like an apartment complex, these are generally purpose-built for safety, have dry risers, emergency exits, and all those little things that give you peace of mind. Have to look forward and back. And as cliched as this is, sometimes it can really help us to change our perspective of events. Because if we go into something with a negative mindset this is going to cloud our judgement regardless.

Finding The Right Area

You don’t have to go somewhere that’s cheap, there are plenty of options for someone who’s willing to look. The right area isn’t just about a rundown, built-up area that costs next to nothing, it’s about finding proximity to amenities, so you can still live the life you want. Sometimes we don’t have to downsize to a smaller property as long as there are decent transport links. In which case moving out to a rural property means that you may only have to downsize a little bit. Rather than going from a house to a flat, you could find somewhere that’s the best of both worlds. The right area isn’t just about that, it’s about ensuring that everybody gets the benefits. Choosing somewhere with the right schools is a priority, but if you can go a bit further out and still get the kids to school on time, then it’s not a bad thing.

Downsizing Your Life

Downsizing can mean struggling for space, but this is where getting rid of your worldly possessions sometimes works, but if you want to go full-on minimalist, perhaps you need to downsize your life in other ways? Downsizing your life isn’t about removing the physical clutter, but it’s about finding ways to start all over again in an emotional sense. For example, if you need to move to a new place, and you’ve got to get a different job, is it worth trying to find a way to work from home? There are so many people that do remote working nowadays, and there are plenty of websites that offer remote work, but you could save money in this respect. Instead of travelling to a job, and paying exorbitant costs for childcare, working at home provides the best of both worlds. Even though you’re downsizing your home, you could upregulate your life in other ways. And while it’s a major change, remember, so many people can’t get on board with the 9 to 5 struggle because they’ve got too many life duties pulling them in different directions. Remote working could be the right choice for you, and help to reduce stress. In which case, you won’t necessarily need to downsize to a pokey property, because you are saving that much more on commuting. This could you mean that you could get rid of your car.

Downsizing with your family doesn’t have to be a negative thing. In fact, it could be the beginning of a whole new life. Moving from one place to another with the family is always going to be a challenge but it could be one that solidifies your bond but also marks a new beginning for every single one of you.

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