We’ve all been there at least once.

The idea of planning our moving-in date, ensuring all the utilities are setup for our arrival, finding a service to help move all of our belongings, ensuring that the new environment we’re choosing to live in is actually worthwhile for us, cleaning our homes and redirecting all of our mail is simply the first step. That’s hardly the end of the rabbit hole. In fact, only take care of these considerations, and you’ll likely remember an additional fifty things you forgot to take care of the moment you’ve arrived in the new property.

But does moving home have to be so stressful? Sure, we can expect a certain amount of stress, because moving the anchor of your life is sure to feel a little shocking to the system. But need you fret and worry about it to the point of affected health? Is it actually possible to… dare we say, enjoy this process?

We couldn’t be sure. But it’s always worth trying. Some come with us, as we try to explore this, and come to some kind of a satisfactory answer:

Transporting Items

Perhaps one of the most stressful responsibilities regarding your moving process is that you’ll often have to ensure every one of your precious belongings is well packed, insured, and transported reliably. Most of the time, this can go without a hitch, but it hardly inspires the most confidence. This is especially true if you have valuable items, or perhaps collectors items of value stored in the garage or attic. If this sounds like you, it might be worth considering the future and reflecting on how you might remove those items from the chaos of this process. For example, utilising storage to rent services can help you ensure your preserved items are further cared for in a private, secured location. This means that when you’re transporting all of your homeward necessities across, you needn’t worry about the chaos of the move harming your valuables.

Know The Drive

The second most stressful thing about heading to the new home is the transport you’ll have to make. Picture the scene. The new home is one hundred miles from your current abode. You’ve only ever caught the train there and back due to the cheap convenience and proximity to the train station in the neighboring area. You don’t actually know the route there, and like we all know, relying on a GPS in a new rural environment can be spotty at best. You’ve planned enough time to get there, but there’s only one problem. You’ve sent the truck filled with your belongings to the new property, and you’re going to have to be there to receive the items too. This means not only are you unfamiliar with the drive, but you’re not entirely sure if you’re going to be late and thus incur late arrival fees from the removalists. All of a sudden, your stress levels go through the roof. Knowing the drive in advance, with at least one practice, can help you avoid this fate.

Great Sleep

Without sleep comes stress.  Give yourself enough time to rest the night before the move. Enjoy a warm bath, drink a herbal tea, and head to bed with hours to spare. Take herbal sleeping tablets with valerian root if appropriate. Then applying yourself to the following ‘big day’ in a rested state will be must less harmful than it could otherwise be.

With these tips, you’ll realize moving home needn’t be as stressful as once envisioned.

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