If your household is in need of a makeover then you should take the reins.

After all, the best way to ensure that your home matches the design ideas in your head is to physically renovate the place by yourself. That doesn’t mean you can’t accept some help, but your goal should be to personalise the style of your house to meet the tastes of you and your family. We’ll talk about that more in this article. These are some simple yet effective DIY renovation ideas to transform your house.

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Create a neater home environment.

Transforming your house is much easier when you take a DIY approach. Not only do you reduce the need to hire professionals and burn through a lot of money but you also end up taking a simpler approach to improving your home. And the simplest renovation idea is to create a neater home environment. That’s something you should do on a regular basis anyway. Keeping your home tidy requires constant maintenance, but we’re talking about more than putting away a few items left lying around messily. It’s time to declutter. Get rid of the things that are overwhelming the design of your household and creating an impractical environment. A spacious home won’t just feel minimalistic but much more comfortable too.

You should also think about the storage solutions in your household. If you want to create a neater home environment then it isn’t enough to declutter. You have to think about what you’re going to do with the possessions you actually keep. There’s often more potential space in a household than homeowners realise. For example, you could store belongings under beds and even add storage cabinets beneath the stairs. Maybe you could get some dual-purpose furniture. There are plenty of stools and tables with drawers and lids that allow you to store belongings within. It’s about storing things practically in your home but also ensuring that your household interior looks good.

Customise the design of your household.

This is a crucial element of transforming your home. You might think that DIY is always a customised process, but that isn’t so. You might be doing projects by yourself, but that doesn’t mean you’re designing your home in line with your preferences and interests. You shouldn’t simply aim to make your household look as contemporary and stylish as possible. How do you want your home to look? You need to customise the design of your household if you want to transform it well. This might require something as simple as getting a made-to-measure picture frame for a family photograph. If you decorate the house with photos of you and your loved ones then it’ll feel more personalised. Customising the design of your humble abode is about making it feel like your home. It might be something as simple as splashing paint over walls in a creative way to make your house feel like your canvas. Whatever the case, get your family involved in the DIY process to make sure your house feels right for everyone.

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Make your garden feel cosy.

This is a renovation idea that might be easily overlooked if you’re too focused on improving the interior design of your household. But it’s important not to forget the exterior design of your home. Your garden can really tie your house together if you turn it into more than grass and shrubbery. Mowing the lawn and trimming back weeds might keep the place looking tidy, but that isn’t enough. Cleaning and tidying your living room is important, but it wouldn’t be a very warm and welcoming room if it was empty. Your garden needs to feel like an outdoor living space. Plant some flowers to add some colour to the area. You’ll also be more likely to spend time in this outdoor space if you have ongoing gardening projects.

You should also make your garden feel cosy by including some creature comforts. A colourful natural aesthetic might make the space feel warm and inviting, but you have to make the space feel homely if it’s going to become a cosy environment in which you and your family or friends can relax. You should create a patio area and perhaps even a gazebo so that you have some sheltered spots to admire your garden. You could put up a hammock, get some cushions and blankets for the seating, and perhaps even include a dining table on the patio so you can have BBQs on warm summer evenings. Sprucing up your garden is very simple from a DIY perspective, and it can have a huge impact on the overall feel of your house.

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