Another weekend has passed with no baby yet. I had purposefully been leaving the very last of the baby tasks until the last minute, as once those were done we would officially be in the ‘nothing to do, impatient thumb twiddling’ stage. Well, we completed those tasks over the weekend, so all there is to do now is wait.

It has meant that I’ve had more time to catch up with making the layouts for our 2013 family photobook. A while ago, I said I’d blog the layouts every month to encourage me to keep up with making them. I’ve fallen a bit behind since then, but better late than never, here are April’s layouts:






Some of the layouts are a bit more cluttered than I’d like them to be, but I’m conscious that the more I spread the images out, the more pages (and therefore expense!) I will have by the end of the year. If I’m averaging about 6 pages per month, plus all the miscellaneous/phone photo pages I plan to do, and the letters to Arlo, we’re looking at a 100 page book at least. So, I’m trying to fit as many images on one page, even if they are not always part of the same ‘set’.  If it gets any larger I might have to split it into two books for the year!


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