Design an Instagram Worthy Garden!

Fed up of looking at your garden and seeing nothing but clutter and a brown lawn? If you want a beautiful outdoor space that is worthy of Instagram fame, you need these tips…

The lawn has it

If you have a grassed area, then you need to tend the lawn just as you would flowers in a pot of plants in the borders. The roots system of ordinary grass is shallow thus when it doesn’t rain for a day or two, the small plant starts to struggle. Add to that harsh sun and continuous use and within weeks, your lawn is plagued by yellow spots and bare patches.

The solution to an Instagram-worthy lawn is simple:

⦁ Water it
⦁ In early spring, drag a rake across it to get fallen leaves and other debris off the surface
⦁ Use a lawn feed product
⦁ Don’t mow it too short
⦁ OR, hire a local lawn specialist to tend and cut your lawn

Pockets of interest

Browse Instagram and you will find that apart from the occasional aerial shot – be careful hanging out the upstairs window! – Instagrammers tend to photograph and share pockets of interest.

Thus, you need to set about adding some detail to your outdoor space. Let’s start with the obvious…

Scented blooms and pretty plants are the backbone of the garden – if you don’t have plants and greenery, it’s a yard – thus, planting is essential.

But here’s the good news: if you are no a green-fingered gardener, plants in pots are super easy to grow. Just nip down your local friendly plant nursery, and they’ll help to choose simple, minimal maintenance plants.

HINT – Instagram may yet to include smell-o-vision but choose scented plants for a pleasant aroma to your garden, perfect for getting you in the mood to photograph it at its best.


The garden is for enjoying, whether that is the pitter-patter of rain on your gazebo roof or swinging gently in the summer breeze of your hammock.

Stylish garden furniture is simply essential and there are many Instagram-worthy options out there.
As well as self-supporting hammocks, rattan dining cube sets and seating is on-trend this summer – and is expected to last because, as a natural and sustainable material, it makes a fantastic alternative to the uber-expensive hardwood garden furniture.

Stylish garden rattan furniture is all over Instagram, as well as other social media sites because it is so simple and unfussy. It is also perfect for all kinds of garden furniture combinations, including relaxed seating and dining sets.


Browse photo-rich social sharing sites and you will see that the setting is important and thus when it comes to must-have details, candles and lights are simply essential.


Use these carefully in the garden. Tea lights can be housed in dainty glass holders but also work well in lanterns. Pillar candles are also great in the garden but again, work better in lanterns and similar types of holders. Why not cluster pillar candles in storm glasses at the edges of patios or in the centre of the outdoor dining table?


Solar lights are giving us so much scope when it comes to lighting the garden that there are almost too many to mention;

⦁ Uplights are perfect for drawing attention to certain spots of the garden
⦁ Spotlights help to distract from less favourable areas of your outdoor space
⦁ LED lights are superb as spotlights in decking and use strip LEDs either on show or hide them behind fascia of garden sheds and buildings to cast a pleasant glow
⦁ Arrange string lights in washed jam jars and dot about the garden, softening the filter when you load on to Instagram to give it the beautiful romantic feel so many of us delight in

What people WANT to see

Sharing photos of your garden will gather a lot of interest. You will be amazed at the response and just how many gardeners search for inspiration to help make their outdoor space as beautiful, comfortable and usable as possible.

As well as the detail and the fluffy bits, share what people want to see. For example, how accessible your garden is and how others can emulate this, or al fresco dining, the books you read lazing in the sun, how you’ve turned the garden shed into a thing of beauty (and just for you!)…

Rattan Direct can be found on Instagram, why not connect and tag them in your Instagram-worthy garden?

Thank you to Rattan Direct for partnering with Sorry About The Mess


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