When you’re expecting, the first few weeks and months simply zip by.

One minute you’re dealing with morning sickness and fatigue, the next you’re talking about birth plans and car seats. As your due date edges ever closer, it’s important that you have plenty of “to-dos” ticked off that never-ending list. That will not only make you feel a little more organised, but if the baby decides to come early, you’ll be even more prepared!

One of the biggest changes you’ll need to make in anticipation of their arrival is the nursery. Whether you’re planning on sharing your bedroom with your little one for the foreseeable, or you have a room available for them when they’re old enough to sleep alone, getting the nursery prepared and decorated is one of the most exciting parts of pregnancy! In this post, we’ll explore some simple ways you can decorate the nursery in time for Baby’s arrival – read on to find out more.

Decorate With Memories

Sometimes, the simplest of décor ideas have the biggest impact. And decorating the nursery with beautiful family photographs can add a touch of sentiment and love to any baby room. From stunning canvases to unique metal photo prints, the possibilities are endless! Decorating the nursery with family photos, pictures of mum and dad, siblings or grandparents can already help your baby to feel loved and cherished and get used to those all-important family faces as they grow. You could go for something colourful, or keep the prints neutral or black and white to compliment the rest of your colour scheme.

Decorate With Practicality in Mind

There’s nothing more frustrating when you’re trying to soothe an unhappy baby and trying to change their diaper as quickly as possible or stumbling around the nursery in the middle of the night, trying to find what you need without making too much noise! When decorating the nursery, always keep practicality in mind. Cute ornaments might look great next to the changing table, but what you really need is access to wipes, diapers and nappy creams to make life a little easier!

Remember Comfort

In these early stages, the nursery isn’t just for baby, it’s also for you. So, remember to keep comfort in mind when arranging furniture and adding items to the space. Consider a rocking chair or somewhere comfortable to sit where you can feed your baby, read them a story or enjoy skin-to-skin. If you dose off after a night feed, at least you’ll be comfortable!

Let There Be (A little) Light

Lighting is important in any nursery, while you’ll need something practical in the daytime, being able to adjust the lighting to something much more subtle and soothing, can help keep your baby calm and get them into a nighttime routine. Adding a few lamps can help distribute the light better, or switch the bulbs in your current fixtures for night-light bulbs!

Final Thoughts…

Remember to ask for help and avoid straining yourself whilst decorating the nursery. And most importantly – enjoy every second!

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