Does your bathroom look old and rusty?

Do you want to upgrade its appearance? There are various ways you can decorate your bathroom and make it look luxurious. The good thing is that you don’t have to spend a fortune on it. There exist budget-friendly decoration ideas that will go a long way in improving your bathroom. This article discusses a fresh list of bathroom decorating ideas that are affordable and easy to maneuver. These ideas are for people who want to change their dated bathroom to something dreamy.

Replace The Lights

Outdated lights can be replaced easily at an affordable cost. This is a good option to transform your bathroom decor especially if you’re on a budget. You can find a wide range of affordable bathroom lights online and in stores. However, leave major electrical projects to professionals. Switching out lighting fixtures is an easy bathroom project you can finish in a day with proper guidance. Be bold and try out new lighting trends. Floating pendants that disseminate light in a room are examples of modern lighting. It’s wise to pick LED lighting fixtures as they don’t add too much heat to your room plus they are the most energy-efficient.

Improve The Wall Decor

Painting your walls with the perfect color improves the wall decor. It is a simple and fast DIY idea that will transform your bathroom in an instant. Light colors are known for making smaller rooms appear bigger. Vibrant and dark colors will also add a touch of drama to your bathroom. Bathrooms no longer need gloss paints that combat moisture. It’s advisable to ask the paint shop to mix in an additive to matte pain to prevent it from getting mildewed. You not only paint the wall, but buy an eggshell or semi-gloss paint for the cabinets too. If this doesn’t improve its general appearance, you consider getting a new bathroom fitted. This will get rid of all the challenges at once.

Try Wall Art

Staring at blank walls in a bathroom is not satisfying. You can get treated canvas prints that are affordable and water-resistant. Choose oversized proportions for the perfect visual effect. Have a local printer edit a favorite photo into your customized wall art to get that unique look. Custom printers can nowadays create canvas prints and laminate them for water resistance. Think beyond a canvas print while brainstorming bathroom decorating ideas. Refreshing ways include a wall gallery of favorite objects like pets or flowers. Better yet, make your own artwork or shopping at affordable stores.

To brighten up your boring tile, try covering it with removable adhesive tiles. They can easily be cut and installed to look like the real thing. The best thing is that they can be removed whenever you want and they won’t ruin the surface beneath them. They’re great for updating bathrooms in rented apartments and houses.

Faucet And Hardware Upgrades

Changing your bathroom’s hardware is quick and simple. New towel bars, drawer pulls, faucet and toilet paper holder will definitely change your bathroom’s look. Your counter tops will look fresh again once you replace your bathroom fixtures. This is especially if your bathroom is small and has gold brass circa 1978. Replacement is as simple as popping or unscrewing off the old hardware and adding a fresh one. Keep in mind that you’re swapping old hardware with similarly-sized screw hole spacing to make it easier. Particularly on bar style drawer pulls that need screws. That way, you’ll only make a few new holes for the cabinets and walls.

Powder Room Flooring

Nowadays, budget-friendly flooring options are modern and easy to work with. There are resilient vinyl floor planks that are affordable and available at most home improvement stores. They come in a variety of patterns and wood species. They include texture and imperfections on the surface much like real stone tile or wood floor would. It’s easy to install it with a blade, sticking or peeling. The best part is that vinyl floors come with long warranties against deterioration and they are waterproof. Woven vinyl floor rug can also be added. The rugs can be ordered in custom sizes, have industrial strength and have a rubber backing that adds comfort and padding to your bathroom floor.

Update Towels And Rugs

This is the final stage of bathroom decorating stages. This part is like adding pickles to the icing on top. Start by throwing away or donating your old towels. Then, purchase fluffy and soft ones that match your new bathroom decor. Include an accent pattern or color for a modern bathroom design touch. Updating your towels and rugs will make your bathroom look cleaner and organized. You can imagine replacing almost everything in the bathroom but still use old and rusty towels.


Decorating your bathroom might look hard and costly. However, the decorating ideas discussed in this article will help you upgrade your bathroom in a cost-effective way.

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