Dear Arlo,

So, I am here to tell you all about the last month, and what you were up to at seventeen months old.

You wave hello and goodbye to everything. You wave at trains, buses, when I turn off the TV. You wave hello to my boobs before you have your milk – it’s clear that you think they are your little friends.

You have become danger boy. Running,skidding on your knees, launching yourself off the sofa shouting ‘SLIIIIIIIIIIDE!!’ You are fearless at the playground, and want to climb everything.

Your favourite thing in the playground is the slide. You laugh and say ‘Sliiiide!’ when you go down. You like watching other children on the slide too. I think you could hapilly stand there all day shouting ‘Weeee!’ as each child slides down.

You like numbers. You have no idea about counting, but you think the idea is fun, and it’s great to just make it up. ‘Two, two, two…threeeee!’ Two seems to be your favourite, and you like to tell me when you spot two things together.

You have started calling for me. You’ve worked out that you don’t need to cry, you can call ‘Mama’ from your cot. When you can’t see me, you walk around the house calling ‘Maaaama, maaama’. Dada tells me that when I go out, he sometimes finds you by the toilet door calling for me. I do not go to the toilet that often, Arlo.

You’ve been doing this hilarious thing where you growl the name Lola over and over again. I don’t know where you got that from, but it was quite awkward that time we went to the playground and met a little girl about your age called, you guessed it, Lola.

You’ve developed a level of empathy for others around you. You know when another toddler has hurt themself, and you are especially emphatic towards the trains in Thomas the Tank Engine. When someone falls off the track or crashes into a snowdrift, you are ready and waiting with a pained look on your face and an exclamation of ‘Oooooh noooo!’

Arlo’s ‘Oh No’ face

You and Dada continue to play your games. You especially like being chased. It’s not difficult for Dada to work out what you want when you get that look in your eye.

You have just turned eighteen months old. According to a lot of parenting literature, this means you are out of the baby stage and onto the next stage…the preschool phase, I guess.

The ‘not a baby any more’ theme has been at the front of my mind this month. Sometimes, when you were little, the fact that I could go a whole day without talking to another person until your Dada got home was a little overwhelming. But now, when it gets to the end of the day, I don’t find myself missing lack of conversation or basic interaction with other adults. Maybe because I am used to it.

But I think it’s because you are such great company now, Arlo. We have our own little conversations, our own jokes, and you are just such great fun.

I love spending my days with you.

Your Mama


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