Dear Arlo,

I last wrote when you were ten months old. I feel like we are a world away from that now. You have changed and learnt so much, I’m not quite sure where to begin.

You have over twelve teeth. You won’t let me get a proper look so I can’t be sure of the exact amount.

You said your first words at eleven months old. Your first word was ‘No’, followed shortly by ‘ball’, and then ‘dog’. That was it for a while and then your vocabulary just exploded between thirteen and fourteens months of age.

You have a go at pronouncing anything at the moment, sometimes you get it right, sometimes no one can understand what you are saying. I can tell it’s a really exciting time for you.

I’m told that it counts as a word when you associate a sound with a certain object/thing – so by that logic, you actually have quite a few words under your belt. No, ball, home, spoon, boo, door, light, nipple (blame your dad), willy (blame me for this one), mama, dada, dog, down, cat, night night, bird, duck, ears, banana, baby, bear, hot, hello, dinosaur (pronounced dodo, funnily enough).

I can say ‘What’s this, Arlo?’ and you will either tell me exactly what it is, or make it up if you don’t know. This is pretty much how you will get through life, so well done for learning this valuable skill so very early on.

You love interacting with people, pointing things out to them and trying to engage them in a game of peekaboo. I love that you are unphased by big groups and unfamiliar faces. New places can stump you sometimes, but people never.

When I say, ‘right, nap time’ or ‘time for bed’, you say ‘Nah’ with a cheeky grin on your face and crawl away at high-speed.

You are sleeping better than ever before. Waking once a night is now average, more than that is an unusually bad night. Sometimes, you even go to bed and don’t need mama or dada until you wake up the next morning.

You adore cars. And trains. Anything with wheels. Cars are the new balls, and now the cars get herded around the house in threes and fours, just like you used to do with your footballs. You also love your stacking toys.

You are taking the odd step from one object to another here and there and you absolutely love toddling around the house with your walker, but you still don’t like someone to hold your hands and ‘walk’ with you. I think you will be like your dada and you want to do it by yourself, when you’ve worked out exactly how to do it just right.

Dada and I love to talk about you when you are in bed. We laugh at the silly things you did that day. You are such a personality. We can’t really imagine that anyone else could be as funny or as entertaining as you.

You give hugs and kisses now. On request, and also spontaneously, just because you want to give one. Those are the best ones.

You say ‘mama’. All the time. You look at me and say ‘mama’. You say ‘mama’ to your dada when you want to see me. You know who I am and this is the best proof ever. The other day, you were sat between us at lunch and you kept turning to each of us, saying ‘Mama…Dada…Mama…Dada’, in a very matter of fact way. I am not sure whether you are telling us or yourself that we are your mama and dada, but we love hearing you say it.

I love your beautiful eyes and I love the fact that they are blue. You got that from me. It is the part of you in which I most see myself. If you are like me, yours may turn green later in life.

I am so amazed at the speed of your development in recent months. You seem like such a clever bean to your silly proud mama. You continue to surprise me.

I am excited to watch this next stage in your life, Arlo. Talking and walking are very grown up things. (But I will still call you my baby).

Love Mama

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