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Dear Arlo,

Well, this month has been an exciting one.

We’ve had more talking. When you are in a chatty mood there is no stopping you. Living with you is like having our own personal commentator on the minutiae of life. ‘Oooh, shoe!’, ‘Ohhh choo choo!’, ‘Mama!’, ‘Dada!’, ‘Tea!’, ‘Beer!’. When you spot something and you know the word, you have to say it out loud.

You’ve recently learnt the word ‘eye’, and love to point out the eyes on all of your toys. You also know fingers, toes, ears, mouth and head, but out of all of those words, you can only say ‘eyes’ and ‘ears’ so far.

You still love cats (slightly concerning as Mama and Dada are both definitely dog people). You call most animals by the noises they make, so a cat is a ‘Mah’ (for Meow, of course), sheep is ‘Baaaa!!’ (you usually say this very loudly), cow is ‘Moooo’, lion is a roar, and, as before, pig is still a snort. ‘Snake’ has been a new animal word this month, you love pointing out a ‘Nake’ when you see one.

When you are not happy about something, you say ‘Ooooh nooooo!’ in the most dramatic way possible. You are starting to become emphatic towards your favourite TV characters, if Thomas falls off the track or has a crash, you say ‘Ooooh noooo!’ or ‘Ooooh dear!’ and look quite upset until all is well again.

You understand the tone and intonation of a question, but I’m not sure you always understand what’s being asked:



Have you done a poo?


Do you want to go to bed?


Do you want to go to the park?


Yes is more of a ‘Mmmm’ noise with a little grin. Or sometimes we get the full body nod if you are really excited about the question.

Walking has been the biggest news this month. About half way through being sixteen months old you graduated from taking a few steps here and there and finally took the plunge into full-time toddling. Although of course it is still great fun to charge around on your walker too.

You have been giving some really great cuddles this month. If you see Mama and Dada cuddling, you want to join in. You like to wedge yourself firmly between us so that you are at the centre of the cuddle. Every morning you come into our bed for some milk, and after you finish, you immediately turn to Dada for a cuddle. Sometimes you say ‘Aaahhhh’ when you give a cuddle.

It is amazing how much you understand now when I’m talking to you. If I say ‘Go find your water and put it on the table’, or ‘Go get your sleeping bag and put it in the cot’, you know what to do. Recently, I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth and I asked you to go get your shoes. When I came back into the room, you were sitting on the floor with your shoes, trying to put one on your foot. You had only owned your shoes for a few days, but yet you knew they were yours, how to find them, and that they were meant to go on your feet.

You are awesome.

Love Mama


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