Dear Arlo,

You do like to tease me.

I knew it was tempting fate to brag that we had got you down to one night feed and mummy was finally getting some decent sleep. I feel a bit silly now.

You are learning so much at the moment that you find it difficult to switch off and enter sleep mode. And to think they told me that crawling would tire you out and help you sleep more.

Daddy and I have to refrain from giggling at your chattering when walking you around your room at night, your eyes are closing but your mouth won’t stop. ‘Dada, daaaaa da…..daaaaaa daaaaa’. You sound a bit like ET.

And whilst we’re on the subject, what is with the ‘Dadas’? Where is the loyalty? You were meant to say ‘Mama’ first, we had a deal, remember?  Though you have made Dada very happy (not to mention smug – apparently it’ll be a long time before you can say ‘Bitch’), so it’s OK. Especially when you say ‘Dada’ when he walks into the room. I will expect reimbursment for 20 hours of labour in some other form. Do you think daddy’s part in this took quite as long?

You have well and truly owned me at the ‘pretend to sleep’ game. All is quiet and still, I decide that it’s safe to put you in the cot. You roll over and laugh. You get me every evening. Can we play a new game now?

Do you think you might consider going back to one night feed before we go on holiday? Or at least letting daddy settle you occasionally? Three night feeds does seem a bit excessive, Arlo. There is such a term as ‘sleeping through the night’, I know, it sounds like a ridiculous concept, doesn’t it?

Don’t worry too much if we can’t come to an agreement about the nights, sweetheart. You are so happy and playful during the day, it’s a small price.

Thank you for holding my hand every time I feed you. It is my favourite Arloism.

Lots of love,

Mama (Mmmma maaa mmma ma… come on, I know you can say it)

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  1. This post made me chuckle.
    Arlo sounds like Riley, sleepy baby, lay down big grins….noo! Sleeping through was a function they missed of our models I think. Lol

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