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Compromise is the key word when decorating your family home. You ideally want everyone to feel comfortable, with both adults and children co-habiting in an environment that is conducive to warmth and peace. Gone are the days of the forbidden room for children where all the precious items are stored away and the pristine virginal white carpet remains untouched.

But equally you do not choose to live in a nursery either. What is needed is a commodious, agreeable and even refined living space that will weather whatever the kids put it through. The last thing that is wanted is to become a nag about the house!


With an active family, one of the biggest challenges in home decor is creating spaces that are versatile in their functionality without being overwhelming.

Babies, toddlers, pets, teenagers, and sometimes even partners are all potential mess-makers.

Wooden floors are sleek, and easy to manage – well worth the investment. Sofas with washable covers will become invaluable.

Modern, curved lighting features such as those found at Lamp Commerce can have a calming effect.

The entrance hall often becomes a repository for kits and bikes so storage space is always useful to tuck away those daily essentials, whilst being easily-accessible too.

When you enter the living-room area, similarly with the kitchen, they are the hearth of the household. You may like to create a focus be it a fireplace or even an aquarium which both create a soothing ambience.

You may find that you need not have to baby proof every single item of furniture. In fact, keeping some of your possessions as they are can work to your advantage – young children quickly learn that the exciting household items are the ones that they do not have free access to. But at the same time, it’s probably best not to test this theory with your expensive laptop or most prized possession!

Steer towards the clean and straightforward look: anything that has covers will sooner rather than later become torn, disheveled as they attract dust, pets’ hair and dirt. Opt for exposing table legs and chairs.

Your main furniture need not be drab but can include a worn leather bean bag (that ages well), modern sofas that may well be vintage too (it can be fun to mix and match different epochs) creating a contemporary retro/bohemian space that incorporates the evolving family.

Involve the children with any redecorating or reorganisation projects. Involving them in the process will encourage a bond with the house and hopefully they will be proud of the end result, treating it with the appreciation it deserves.

Creating a practical family space that suits young and old(er) alike is always going to be a challenge, but the aim is to create a balance that everyone can be happy with.


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