Whether it’s through a win on a scratchcard, a bonus at work, or some inheritance, when you come into a large sum of money, it can be hard to know what to do with it. Most holidays are off the cards for the foreseeable, and we’re spending a lot of time at home, so it makes sense to invest some of the money into your living space – but where?!

Keep it toasty


Winter is coming, and perhaps you’ve noticed that your boiler has been getting a little old and worn out over the past few years. Do some research on the best combi boilers in 2020 and replace yours while you have the funds. Not only will you notice the difference with a new boiler, but it also means that you’re not waiting for your current boiler to break down entirely before you replace it, which always happens at the least convenient time!


Maybe you’ve neglected your bedroom, or the kitchen could do with a lick of paint. Now is a perfect time to focus on the areas of your home that need some attention. Really make an event of it. Scroll through Pinterest and choose a style you love; create a mood board and start sourcing the various bits you’ll need to finish off the room. If you’re not someone who enjoys the process of painting and decorating, you could even hire someone to do it for you. You’re in your home so often (especially right now!), making it look the way you want it to will bring you joy every day.

 Something utterly frivolous

Perhaps you’re someone who is usually really sensible – your bills are up to date, all repairs and decorating is done, and you feel like treating yourself to something you wouldn’t usually do, with money you didn’t expect. If you’re someone who loves entertaining in the garden, maybe invest in a pizza oven or hot tub, ready for next summer. Or if your family are big movie buffs, get a projector and screen, a new sound system, or super comfortable chairs to lounge in on your next film night. Treat yourself!

 Replace the old

When you move in somewhere, you can’t always afford to replace all your furniture, so you take whatever you have with you, or if it’s your first place, you end up with some hand-me-downs – usually cheap and cheerful items. It’s a perfect opportunity to replace those Ikea Kallax units with something a bit fancier from somewhere like Made; upgrade your hanging rail in the bedroom for some sturdy wardrobes, or perhaps throw out your mismatched crockery and buy a set you love where everything matches and there are no chips!

 By spending your money on some sort of upgrade to your home, you will reap the benefit every day and have a really tangible investment. Whether you upgrade your boiler, decorate your bathroom, or treat yourself to a new patio, home improvements, big or small, are always a good idea! 

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