Having never yet been anywhere near a pair of skis before, I can’t attest to actual clothing practicality on the slopes, but these are my colourful ski style for children picks from some of the most reliable names in the childrenswear game.

Hypothetically shop for children’s clothes? Yep, that’s a job for me.

colourful ski style for children

1. The Boden snowboard jacket was Arlo’s winter coat last year, and in fact, this year too, as the same coat still fits with plenty of grow room. There’s nothing that I don’t like about this coat – warm, waterproof, easy to wash, the hood doesn’t obstruct view when it’s up, and it’s longer at the back, which means no soggy bottoms.

2. I can never resist a bobble hat. Also comes in black. from Polarn O. Pyret.

3. These gloves are classic Molo (one pair in grown up size please).

4. With a love for bright colours and patterns, I’ve learnt that neutrals can also prove very useful, in a ‘less is more’ kind of way. The simple grey of these Polarn O. Pyret ski trousers acts as a great base for a rainbow of mismatched accessories.

5. These Polarn O. Pyret thermals are made from merino wool, which helps to regulate body temperature, keeping you warm when it’s cold, and cool when it’s hot. The teal colour is bright and modern – a far cry from the greying thermals I remember from my childhood.

6. Socks in cheerful colours – another item I’d quite like on my own wishlist. From Boden.

7. Colourful footwear, especially for boys, can be hard to find, let alone colourful specialist footwear. But never fear, Sorel are on the case with their warm and waterproof Yoot Pac children’s snow boots. 

Skiing or not, most of these items are a wardrobe necessity for British winter time. And you can never have too many bobble hats.


I’ve written this blog post as my entry to the Mark Warner quarterly blog challenge. 


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