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A child’s bedroom should be a fun and safe place where they feel at home. It is a perfect time to be playful with colour but teaming that with child-friendly heating can be a hard task.

White and bulky radiators can often put a dampener on the character of the room but there is no reason why they don’t have to be cheerful and safe for children. Colour radiators can add a splash of individuality while boasting impressive safety measures and eco credentials, making them ideal for a kid’s space.

Keep it Playful

When looking at colours, draw inspiration from your child’s unique personality and get them involved too. Whether you want be bold or subtle, designer radiators come in a variety of bespoke finishes and some even offer extras such as a towel rail. Select multiple colour combinations to further enhance your child’s chosen theme. The paint is of high quality, long lasting and resistant so there is no need to worry about chipping.

If you are dealing with limited space then these radiators also come in a range of heights and widths.

Safety First

Young children and toddlers tend to not be aware of boundaries when it comes to radiators. No matter how many times you explain that touching hot radiators can cause them harm, accidents happen all too easily.

There are steps you can take to childproof your radiator and give you peace of mind. Buy a radiator cover or take on a DIY project and create one yourself. There are plenty of ideas out there to inspire your design and also guides on how to make it from scratch. If your baby or toddler is learning to walk then they will probably take a tumble or two as they find their feet. Cover up sharp edges with corner cushions, which can also be used throughout the home.

Another option is to explore Low Surface Temperature Radiators. The temperature is limited to 43 degrees Celsius so is ideal for kid’s rooms, especially if you want to create a warm and cosy seating area right next to the radiator without them getting overheated.

Low Surface Temperature radiators have a low water content makes them lightweight so even if your children play with the radiator it will not harm them. Normal radiators can be very heavy and hard to clean so omit dust when heated up. Flat finish radiators are a lot easier to maintain which can help children who suffer from allergies.

Eco-Friendly and Efficient

Heating technology has come a long way in recent years, with not only customers reaping the benefits but the environment too.

Low Surface Temperature radiators can be easily adjusted to suit your needs and will consume limited resources to efficiently maintain the temperature of the room. They reach the desired level of heating a lot quicker than traditional radiators and the heat they do omit is much more radiant resulting in a reduction in running costs, so customers can see a saving of up to 10.5% on fuel bills.

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