Navigating a winter school holiday takes courage, dedication, and stamina. It’s good to go in with a plan, or at least a vague idea of things you can do if boredom sets in. Whilst we don’t have a team of parent friends to call upon, we have the benefit of living in London, where there is always something going on for kids, on any given day.

As much as I thought I’d be the type of parent who really embraces the holidays, sees it as an opportunity to really have fun with their children, my taking a moment for granted, try as I might, the reality is that I find the vast stretch of empty time quite overwhelming.

The thing is that Arlo is at a phase/stage/age/whatever where he doesn’t necessarily want to “join in”, “have fun”, and his mood is liable to switch without warning. If I plan something, it’s very hard to predict whether he will enjoy it or moan to go home the whole time. I never thought the phrase “threenager” would turn out to be so apt. His mood can make or break an outing, and I hate when I go to the effort to do something fun only to end up knowing we would have been better off not bothering.

After getting a bit ‘into’ YouTube recently, I’ve done a complete 180 with my opinion on vlogging. Going from, “Why on earth would anyone want to talk on camera?? Argh, the horrors.” to “Oh, that’s a really lovely record of family life”, and so, I’m having a go. (And making no promises just yet that I will go to the effort to do so again). You can watch a video of how we survived half term below:


Despite not doing a call out for any blog award votes this year, I have been nominated in A LOT of the MAD blog award categories – pregnancy blog, baby blog, family fun, photography, and blog of the year, to name a few…. It seems one kind person has gone all out with my nominations, haha.

But seriously, it means a lot that people have thought of my blog even though I made no attempts to advertise the awards. If you want to vote, go here or click the badge in the sidebar. 


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