What’s a city boy to do when he wants to inject a bit of country style into his life?

Grab your finest boys tweed jacket from Joules (they have an equestrian section on their website, don’t you know), team it with a beanie and a bike as a nod to your urban roots, and take your balloon dog for a walk in a London park.



Meet Kevin, formerly known as “T-Rex Sausage Bottom”, but that name didn’t stick, unfortunately. He came home with me from The Baby Show, and Arlo has been treating him like a real dog ever since. The other dogs in the park don’t know what’s hit them.



I didn’t actually plan these pictures. Our Joules order arrived just as I was explaining to Arlo what a bad idea it would be to take a balloon animal to the park, then I had a flash of inspiration imagining him in his little country jacket walking his ‘dog’, so I thought what the hell. (I then denied all association with said dog and made Sam “walk” him).



Myself and Rory also chose a few items from Joules too:


I am very pleased with my tunic, it’s flattering empire cut covers all the bits I want covering, and it fits true to size. Rory’s dungarees are very cute (I’m trying to get in as much dungar-wearing as possible before the potty-trained stage, as we are finding out with Arlo – dungarees, young children, and undressing/dressing themselves just doesn’t work very well).


Arlo’s jacket makes him look like a very smart little chap, and has a lovely lining too. I would say it’s a great fit for a tall slim build. Arlo is wearing the 4yrs size so it is slightly long for now but should be a perfect fit come Autumn.


Our chosen clothes were provided by Joules for review purposes. 



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