We had a climbing frame at the end of our back garden when I was a child.

I remember the day it was installed. It had a swing, a slide, and a ladder platform / monkey bars in the middle.

Our climbing frame lasted for years, and was used by all four of us children, plus countless friends that came over for playdates. It was more than a climbing frame, it was an imaginative tool. I remember spending hours in the garden, the climbing frame as the backdrop to many a make-believe game.

Sam’s family home still has the same climbing frame that has been there since Sam was a child himself. It is a big solid wooden structure that has really stood the test of time. Sam and his siblings used the climbing frame as children, hung out in the treehouse section of the climbing frame as teenagers, and now, our own children use the climbing frame when we visit their grandparents. Multiple generations have been able to use this climbing frame, meaning that it’s been a great investment that it still a very much beloved and central part of playing in the garden.

Which climbing frame to choose?

Choosing the right climbing frame for your garden depends on a number of factors, mainly to do with the size of your garden and how much space you want to dedicate to a climbing frame area. Outdoor play specialists Fatmoose offer a huge range of wooden climbing frames to suit any garden size. From humongous fortresses to more compact climbing frames to suit a smaller space, there are even themed climbing frames like this fun pirate ship climbing frame!

Some climbing frames are adaptable, with options to add on and remove as your children grow from toddlers to teens. Keep an eye out for modular swing seats, suitable for both babies and older children. 

Wood VS metal climbing frame?

Personally, I think that wooden climbing frames look much nicer than metal ones – they tend to be much more solidly built, and last a lot longer with no fear of rusting. Wood is an element that is naturally equipped to live outside in the elements. Metal can age much more easily and is unlikely to last as long as a wooden climbing frame.

A climbing frame can be a great play time addition to your garden, and, if chosen correctly, the right climbing frame will see your family from the infant stages right through to the teenage years and maybe even still be used by any future grandchildren!

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