When it is time to redo your bedroom, a bit of inspiration can go a long way in converting a space that is lacking personality into something enchanting that you have been aspiring for.

These affordable and thoughtful DIY bedroom decor ideas can help you make your dream space look the way it should, and that too at a fraction of the cost.


Paint the walls

The easiest way to change the look of your bedroom is by repainting the walls. You can apply a fresh coat on the existing colour or paint them afresh in a new shade, no matter what you choose you will make an instant impression in the decor of your most private space. While light colours will make the room look larger, a darker shade will provide the ultimate environment to relax and sleep.


Update the bed


Now that you are aware of the basics for your bedroom DIY decor, the next important step is to vamp up your bed. Buy a good bedspread with high thread count sheets, pillows and duvet. Since you spend many precious moments here it is well worth the investment. If you are unable to buy an entire set, you can make a DIY fringe pillow using thick yarn in different shades, a small crochet hook and fabric scissors. This will make your bedroom stand out.


Wall decor ideas


Hanging wall art in the bedroom makes an instant fashion statement. All you need are some of your old photos or prints and install them in a new frame. You can even download the wall art files online and get them printed at the local printer. Use your school crafting skills and make your inexpensive DIY art wall. This personalized style of decoration would be a fun addition to a teen bedroom.


Revive the floor


New floor coverings can freshen up bedroom floors that have seen better days. A carpet offers many benefits from sound proofing to adding style to your bedroom. Cheap carpets made from polyester are stain resistant and give a soft and luxurious feel underneath. Best for low traffic areas like the bedroom and also offers a choice to exercise on, should you feel like it.


Infuse fresh flowers and plants

Nothing makes a bedroom feel more fresh and fragrant than a vase of fresh flowers or pots of green plants. To provide a perfect place to adorn your favourite houseplants build a DIY plant ladder, Not only will your plants show off, your bedroom will get an instant uplift as well. Add fresh flowers from time to time if you really want your bedroom to be where the heart is. If you want to be a bit creative, try making a terrarium from an old toy truck by filling it with indoor plants and other succulents that do not require much maintenance.


Bedroom lighting


The first and foremost advice is never to use overhead lighting for the bedroom. It gives a harsh illumination which is far from relaxing. Instead install sconce lights, reading lights and pretty scented candles to bring an element of dreaminess and drama to your bedroom.


Restore the dresser


You can easily create a unique space to store your clothes by restoring the dresser. Try giving it a two-toned look and create depth by painting a natural tone with a brighter shade that will make it stand out. Replace it’s original legs with hairpin ones to add an element of twist. You can also bring the old dresser to life by applying a new coat of paint by adding delicate patterns to a pastel colour.

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