A long time ago I wrote about my failure to succeed with “Fun Fridays”, and that I’d decided to put Arlo into preschool on that day too.

This leaves us with Monday as his only full day with me (and is a much better balance for us both!)

Mondays are “Mama Mondays”, and especially now the good weather has kicked into gear, it is when we have our best adventures.

I recently realised, with a pang, that we have just one more year left until school. That’s just one more year of Mama Mondays, and then we will be tied to school timetables and needing to be in close proximity to home throughout the week.

If we want a London adventure, it will have to wait until the weekend.

Living with central London and its HUGE variety of things to do, right on our doorstep, is one of my favourite things.

We have the scope for some great, budget-friendly adventures (Arlo’s favourite outing in recent history was bus-spotting on King’s Road).

Arlo is at an age where he is really starting to appreciate London and its offerings, and I want to make sure that we make the most of it in our last year before school.

This week’s Capturing Colour photos were all taken during our trip into London last Monday:







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Next week’s colour is orange. Post your shots to instagram using the #capturingcolour hashtag.



  1. I’ve already started thinking about when M goes to school and the days we will get together. I see him at lunch times and would so miss that. We love a trip to London, so it’s great seeing images from some places we recognise.

    Love the yellow surrounding the door. I am a sucker for doors.

  2. These are fab Chloe. The one of the chips is a great idea, I never would have thought of using them for yellow but it makes total sense.

  3. They’re gorgeous photos – I’m having so much fun playing along on Instagram, it’s a great idea. And I know what you mean about suddenly realising that it’s only a year until school – it makes me rather glad that at least part of it will be maternity leave and just a smidgen extra time with my big girl before she becomes even bigger!

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