There’s nothing worse than seeing your little one ill.

Whether it’s a heavy cold, chesty cough, flu or sickness bug, we’d do anything to take it from them, so they didn’t have to suffer. Unfortunately, winter and sickness seems to go hand in hand and with the kids coming to and from school each day, and the busy lives we lead, falling ill seems inevitable.

But what can you do to help banish germs from your home? And what steps can you take to eradicate them if a sickness does hit your household? Well, read on for some helpful tips and simple advice that might just give you the upper hand this winter.

Clean, clean, clean

It goes without saying, and I’m sure you have enough on your to-do list as it is! But keeping your house clean will certainly help keep those pesky germs at bay. I don’t necessarily mean dusting the top of the TV or wiping down your skirting boards (although check out if yours need updating), it’s little things like wiping down the door handles of every room, cleaning down the TV remote, the laptop keys, the light switches and taps. Think about how many times these things can be touched in a day, especially by the little ones. Just a quick wipe twice a day will help get rid of the germs quicker.

Your cleaning equipment

While you’re pulling on those rubber gloves, you need to bear in mind that your cleaning cloths, sponges and wipes will be a paradise for all those germs you’re cleaning up. Try your best to use disposable cloths and wipes where possible and if you’re using reusable items, make sure they’re cleaned or disinfected on a boil wash after each use.

Your carpets and floors

Projectile vomiting, sneezes and other kinds of accidents. Your flooring goes through a lot when there’s an illness at home so make sure you’re on top of the cleaning. Mop the floors regularly with warm water and detergent. If the hard flooring has been soiled with sick/poo/urine then disinfect it with a disposable cloth before you mop.

As for your carpets, steam cleaning is the best option. Not only does it leave your carpets looking fresh and new, but it also kills bacteria. You can purchase a steam cleaner as an investment, rent one or get a professional company in to do the cleaning for you.


Hard plastic toys need to be washed, cleaned and dried thoroughly before given back to your little one. As for soft toys, check you can wash them in the washing machine before you stick them in!

Your laundry

If you’re washing towels and bedding, make sure these are being washing at 60 degrees minimum in order to kill any germs. The same goes for underwear too! Use a disinfecting detergent to help the process. And avoid leaving wet washing in the machine, any germs that are left will multiply and undo all your hard work!

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