preschool books

1. What To Expect At Preschool – Heidi Murkoff







2. Starting School – Janet and Allan Ahlberg







3. Maisy Goes to Preschool – Lucy Cousins







4. Going to Nursery – Catherine and Laurence Anholt







5. Charlie and Lola “I am absolutely too small for school” – Lauren Childs







When I was pregnant with Rory, books really helped Arlo to understand the concept. Arlo was facinated with the ‘new baby’ books. He could see how it related to his life, so much so that when the time came to meet his little brother, I had no doubts that he was fully prepared for his stay at grandma’s house, trip to the hospital, and meeting a new baby. Now that he is about to start preschool, I naturally hunted for  childrens’ books that could help prepare him for this new stage in his life.

After reading the descriptions, we decided to go for Maisy Goes To Preschool and Going To Nursery.

Arlo is pretty happy about the idea of preschool, in fact, he can’t wait to go. I felt that some of the books that mostly dealt with nervousness wouldn’t be the best for him, as I worry about placing ideas into his head if they are not already there. Maisy is a confident character, self-assured at preschool, but the book still deals with all the important bits like mum or dad not being there, toilet trips, etc.

Going to Nursery felt really specific to our family. It explains that babies are too young to go to preschool, and there is a page where the older sibling kisses the baby goodbye. Whenever we go anywhere, Arlo always asks if Rory is coming too. I felt this would really help Arlo understand that this is a place for him and not for Rory and Mama. It does touch upon first day nerves, but in the gentlest way possible – the teddies briefly miss their mummies rather than the children. We swap out ‘nursery’ for ‘preschool’ when reading it to Arlo, so as not to confuse him.

I’m hoping our regular bedtime reading of these books will calm my preschool nerves once September and the start of the school year rolls around, as I’ll know Arlo has some idea of what to expect.

preschool books




  1. We read Maisy goes to pre-school and it was great, really helps to explain what they will be doing throughout the day and makes it seem even more exciting! I hope Arlo enjoys it when the time comes 🙂

  2. That sounds like such a good plan to make it all familiar and, in the best way, very ordinary before he starts. I just wish they did books to explain it all to babies – Elma has to start soon and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the familiarity born of taking Kitty there twice a week will do the trick!

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