Whether you live in a mansion or you just have a large family with lots of things in your 3-bedroom family home, this will make your life easier.

It’s common for big households to have problems packing up all their things, without more things going wrong than you can shake a stick at. This is because they try to do everything in one go. They don’t plan ahead. They don’t realise that things they can’t even imagine, could occur, putting their moving day on a list of things they never wish to go through again. Fear not, this is your guide to plain sailing on moving day.


The things you don’t need


There are things around the house that you really don’t need for the function of your home. So packing these things now will get rid of some of the headaches that will befall you in the near future. Here are some things you need to pack up right now.


  • Area rugs: Yes the floor might be a little colder but it won’t stop you from using a room.
  • Lamps: You’ll have to manage without your side table lamp in your reading nook, but you’ll manage.
  • Chairs: If you have chairs that aren’t used as often, whether in the dining room or living room, pack them up or wrap them up, ready to be moved.
  • Books: Take out a few books you want to read, but the rest of them need to be boxed up. Moving day could be a few weeks away or a couple of months, but you can save time by doing this.
  • Cutlery: Do you honestly need to use lots of different knives, forks, and spoons? Probably not, so pack them up, as well as plates you don’t use on a regular basis.


Large move worries


The main thing families worry about, is not having enough room in their hired moving vehicle to ship everything in one go. This can result in sofas being strapped onto car roofs and dining tables sticking out the back of the boot. Instead, you should be using storage units to store your largest and more complex items. The units are up to 150 square-feet, so there’s plenty of room for your sofa, fridge, washing machine, and more. This can mean that on moving day, you can put all of your things in one or two moving vehicles, saving you money. 


Make it a habit


Piece by piece, you need to start packing your things up, so that on the moving day itself, you won’t waste any time. This is crucial if you have a deadline because the new homeowners are moving into the property on the same day you’re leaving. Weeks out, you should make it a habit to pack up a few things, every other day. Put the children’s toys into boxes, put away your holiday clothes and shoes. Wrap up your paintings and family photos. 


If you take the time to slowly but surely pack everything away, you’ll have a skeleton home which will be easy to finish off when the vans arrive. 

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