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Could Ed the Sofa bear, Virgin’s latest rep, be the voice of the people? After all, isn’t he saying what all of us feel deep down – that there is no better way to spend the weekend than with some good telly, some good nosh and an incredibly comfy sofa. The cuddly couch potato is as charming as he is hungry.

In a new series of ads for Virgin’s The Big Kahuna bundle, TV addict Ed – a loveable, huggable, sofa-magnet of a bear, waxes lyrical on a number of subjects, from behind-the-scenes catering and his love of donuts and salmon, to the finer points of nature documentaries and zombie films. He is anything but modest and yet that is exactly what makes him so engaging to watch, as he delivers a series of delightful monologues on some of his favourite activities. He seems to know what’s what when it comes to television, and he’s even been on Richard and Judy!

They just keep giving me donuts”

But given that Ed’s true love (beside the box) is food, he makes no secret of the fact that he has never been happier than he is now, as the new face of Virgin Media. While the catering wasn’t bad on Richard and Judy, it seems the Virgin caterers on set are making him even happier, feeding him better food and not trying to reign in his bear-like appetite.

There is of course his beloved “telly”. With his Virgin Media TV, he gets to watch more than any self-respecting lounge-loving bear could ever hope to, all thanks to his starring role. He loves nothing more than unwinding during his 48-hour telly marathons where he reclines on his sofa made-for-three and ignores the company of friends.

But the good times don’t stop there – Ed the Sofa Bear gets to share his thoughts on what he is watching too.

Sofa Bears – Best not disturbed

There really isn’t anything not to love about Ed the Sofa Bear. Even when he growls at the guy trying to clean up around him, he is unbearably cute and quite frankly, I wouldn’t mind watching a bit of telly with him and getting in some donuts while we are at it.

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