*PR Collaboration

I am very diligent with backing up client files, it’s my ‘job’ so it feels more important and necessary.

But I have thousands of personal photos, grouped into years, and then by month, updated daily, that I forget to back up. I put it off for another day, running the risk against the unthinkable happening in the meantime.

Then, something prompts me to back up. And I realise that it’s been MONTHS since I backed up, and that my Blackbaze automated backup is no longer set up since upgrading my computer, and so my personal files are completely unprotected.

This time, my prompt was Tesco Compare sending me a hard drive as part of their campaign to highlight the safeguarding of important household items. I am now all backed up once more, and have that smug, satisfactory sense of being on top of things. Knowing that I’m not going to lose any of these special photos.

So, I am passing on the favour with this post, by using it as a sort of public service announcement or a prompt to back up your important files. Don’t procrastinate, get it done now.

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