Our experience weaning Rory has been super easy. It took a long time for my head to get back into ‘weaning baby mode’. Rory didn’t try any food until he was almost 7 months old. We then took a big break over Christmas whilst we were staying away from home –  I just couldn’t be bothered to think about it. By the time we started up again in late December, Rory was attacking the food in front of him with real enthusiasm. It turns out that ‘weaning baby’ mode is no different to ‘usual baby mode’, especially if it involves little thinking or extra preparation as the baby is eating the same foods as you (Arlo had been on a restricted diet as a baby due to food intolerances).

Rory is fine with dairy. He does have small amount of eczema, and it did get noticeably worse at the same time we introduced foods, but after a bit of trial and error this seemed to be more to do with skin irritation from the food (tomato-based, in particular) rather than because he is ingesting dairy.

One baby. 120 days of Baby Led Weaning (…or thereabouts).

baby led weaning

This video has been four months in the making. I have been regularly filming Rory’s meal times, right from his very first tastes, to now. The result being a collection of clips in one video, to show the sort of meals a baby-led-weaned baby might eat, and how their eating naturally progresses as they hone their skills. (The highchair is a Cosatto 3Sixti, read what we think about it here).

Of course, every baby is different (I can see that just from Arlo and Rory’s different eating habits), and Rory’s video is an example of just one baby – but considering I had no clue  about what a baby could eat before I started weaning Arlo, I thought it could be useful viewing for parents about to embark on the weaning journey.

And for me, it’s a sweet documentation of Rory’s growth over the past four months.


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  1. I just love this Chloe! I am doing BLW with Wilf at the mo (7 months) and this has given me some great ideas. Hats off to you for managing to video so much. I bearly have chance for a quick pic! Rory looks like he loves his food. What a little cutie xx

  2. Hi Chloe, What a lovely video and such great documentation for you to look back on. Really interesting for those new to BLW, like me, too! We’re a few weeks in with our little boy Diggory and he’s enjoying it but there are definitely challenges, like trusting him with what traditional weaners might consider crazily big bits of food! He has two very sharp front teeth already, so he does take huge chomps sometimes. Will be taking some food ideas from this 🙂 x

  3. Love the video. I considered baby led with my baby but went more traditional in the end. Sometimes I wish I had gone baby led. Rory looks like he loves his food! Don’t get me wrong I think my little one at 11 months is doing fantastic. She eats loads of well chopped food (trying more and more to cook the same thing for all three of us) and is good with finger foods. I’ve tried giving her full meals of just finger food but she loses interest and doesn’t eat much. She also refuses loaded spoons so we stick to feeding her most of her meals and then giving her finger food at the end and as snacks between meals.

  4. Hello. I love this video! My son is almost 10 months old and still wont really eat as a 10 month old should. It is like he doesn’t like solids or something. How often did you feed Rory per day? Any tips on how to get my littleface to really get into eating? 😀

    1. Hello. I started off with two meals per day (breakfast and dinner) and after a couple of months, once I could see that he was eating properly and was really interested in the food in front of him, I changed to 3 meals per day. No tips, but I’d just say to keep persevering, offering food, letting him try new things – it will click eventually, but there’s no huge rush, sounds like he’s just going at his own pace : )

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