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Baby led weaning has been working really well for Rory. It’s taken me a long time to write about it, and there will be further posts because we’ve come along way since his first introduction to food, but this post is about his very first tastes, back at the beginning of December.

We waited until Rory was almost seven months old, partly because I didn’t think he had quite mastered enough strength in his back to sit up straight for long periods of time, and partly because it was just another thing to think about, preparing meals for a weaning baby several times a day – it had been so long since having a weaning baby that I’d forgotten just how simple it could be.

Because Rory has a real thing about grabbing everything within reach, because he had been watching us eat every meal with such earnest since he was around five months old, and because Arlo had been so eager during his introduction to food, I had assumed that Rory would leap into eating with tons of enthusiasm. Instead, he took a very careful, slightly bewildered approach to his first tastes.

Just as we did with Arlo three years ago (you can watch his first foods video at the bottom of this post), we started Rory off with finger foods, and I filmed it.

As you will see, this video was filmed back in the days when Arlo was calling me “Chloe”. The novelty of Rory having food for the first time was so exciting for Arlo, he couldn’t leave him alone to concentrate on eating the food in front of him (perhaps another reason why Rory didn’t fully “go for it”).

You’ll notice that Rory doesn’t actually eat much at all. He mostly pushes the food around the table. That’s perfectly normal. It can take a while for it to click that food is for eating. The first few weeks of sitting Rory in the chair with food in front of him were more to get him used to the routine of having food at certain times of day, so that when it did ‘click’, he would be completely used to the new routine.

You’ll also notice that he gags at several points during the video. This is also very normal and all part of the learning process in the early days of eating. The noise can seem quite alarming (much more for Sam than for me – he’s the worrier), and even though this is my second time weaning a baby, I have to say that I still get quite a few “is he or isn’t he choking?/does he need help?” moments. I would really recommend doing a baby first aid course and learning the differences between a gag and a choke. (I have done two courses now, and not only did it put my mind at ease, it meant I could very quickly spot the one time that Arlo DID choke and needed a swift whack on the back).

A few days before giving Rory his first tastes, I had this vague idea of checking with Sam to see if he wanted to be there when I did it, but brushed it off because it sounded like the sort of question he would laugh at. So , obviously, I felt really bad when Sam said “YOU DID IT WITHOUT ME??!” Apparently it was one of the biggest things he remembers from Arlo’s first year. So, sorry Sam that I assumed it wouldn’t be a big deal to you (I’m still feeling guilty about that one).


The highchair that Rory has been using since his first tastes in early December is the 3sixti from Cosatto. Full review to follow soon. 


  1. What a lovely video to have-it feels like forever ago I started weaning Sam, now he eats everything!! At least you have a video to show Sam-that sounds like something I would have done assuming it wasn’t a big deal-oops x

  2. I was so inspired by your video and because of it my desire to start my baby again on baby led weaning was ignited. Summer is turned 8months yesterday, we tried to start BLW by the time she was 6 months but we stopped cause i feel that its not the right time for us yet. Then days fly by so fast and shes now on her 8 month. After seeing your video we started to BLW again. Thank you!

  3. thank so much, I really appreciate your blog..we are preparing to wean noah soon, currently 5 month. I have just finished the baby led weaning book and bought his tripp trapp! we also do montessori. this blog is so helpful.

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