It came as some surprise when the warm weather abruptly ended and I realised Arlo had most definitely outgrown all of his trousers during a summer spent in shorts and very little clothing in general. I usually stockpile clothes for the next season as and when I see them in sales, but I hadn’t been as on-the-ball with that this year – cue having to shell out for a whole autumn / winter wardrobe in one go. Ouch.

Luckily for me, shopping for him (and now Rory, too) is far preferable to shopping for myself. In fact, as someone who doesn’t really like clothe shopping, it’s more than mildly exciting.

Here are my favourite picks from Arlo’s A/W style – All of these I’ve either bought myself already or am saving to get for his birthday in a couple of weeks:

autumn winter toddler clothes 2013Definitely a blue and yellow theme going on!

1. Thief and Bandit Leggings from Lil Beans £25.00

2. Bobble hat from Mothercare £5 (Buy a size up, the 3-6yrs won’t fit over Arlo’s head but fits 3 month old Rory perfectly?!)

3. Grey skinny jeans from Mothercare £12

4. Pepperbox Wood / Moonlight Blue jumper from Tootsa MacGinty £40.00

5. Yellow wellies from Mothercare £10

6. Gordon SuedeToddler boots from Livie and Luca £39.50

7. Darwin Sherpa Lined Jacket from Tootsa MacGinty £38.00

Mothercare is not somewhere I usually think to check, but it’s really coming up trumps for us this A/W. I think maybe I’m just not a big fan of their baby clothes, but the toddler stuff is alright. And the Tootsa jacket is exactly what I was looking for last year but couldn’t find.

All that’s left to choose is a winter coat. Every year, I have the same struggle to find something durable, waterproof, and warm enough to withstand a British winter whilst also being bright (not boring blues/greys/beiges) and not in a style designed to make a three year old look like a twelve year old. If you’ve seen anything that fits this description for under £60, please let me know!


  1. H&M had some light waterproof jackets in recently which were brightly coloured, that while not warm enough to wear on their own would work well over a thick jumper. Not sure if they’ve still got them in mind you, might be worth a look on their website.

    1. It’s very annoying that loads of raincoats come in fun colours and designs, but not winter coats. He’s got a raincoat already, but I wanted him to have a really warm coat too.

  2. I’m totally with you on loving shopping for my child more than me! I actively enjoy shopping around and picking out his clothes – my biggest problem is rememebring not to overbuy. You’ve picked some lovely stuff. I really wish I could get Thomas to wear wellies, but he freaks out whenever we put them on. I have at least bought him some Livie and Luca boots though, so hopefully his feet will stay dry-ish!

    We’ve bought Thomas this coat, and it’s really lovely. Nicely padded and great quality (as always from Boden). We got the green, but they only seem to have red in stock in smaller sizes now. I had a discount code which has now expired, but if you want to buy from there it’s worth looking for one as I’ve managed to never buy anything full price from Boden!

    1. So easy to overbuy!

      Funny you should mention Boden. I’d been deliberating over their snowboard jacket for a little while, and decided to go for it (with a discount code) a few days ago). I’m not in love with it, but it’s highly practical and when it comes to winter wear, that really does have to win out!

  3. I also love shopping for the smallie in my life!! Definitely agree that its much more excitng than shopping for myself. You have picked some very stylish wear for this season, I cant wait until I can buy wellies for my little man 🙂

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