I think we all know enough about my dislike for the colder seasons, but one thing I will say about Autumn is that it is without a doubt my favourite and best time to take photos outdoors.

The Autumn photos in these particular woods seems to be turning into a bit of a tradition – although this year’s was very understated as no one was feeling in the mood. Arlo hadn’t wanted to leave the house at all, and Sam had begged “Can’t we just go for a WALK rather than a photoshoot??” So I only had the camera out for a very brief moment.







Arlo really wasn’t in the mood, and I didn’t want to push him – but I got one smile courtesy of this joke: Why did the mushroom laugh? Because he was a fun guy.


(Arlo’s jacket is from Tootsa MacGinty, his wellys are Molo. Rory’s hat is from Mothercare).


I have a new camera. It’s (almost) full sensor. It’s fast. It handles low light beautifully. It’s a game changer.

It’s going to take me all of next year to pay off.


  1. I absolutely adore the colours in the picture where Arlo is looking up at you. So so beautiful. You did really well in the few minutes you had! I kept meaning to write yesterday to say that I relate 100% to your ‘anxiety post’ and was really glad you had put my feelings into words: thank you.

  2. I feel the same about this time of year; the cold weather sucks but it’s beautiful for photos. Looks like a lovely walk (not photo shoot!!!) and the colours look great. And how exciting about the new camera…. Woop! x

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