No matter what the weather does from here on, a look at the calendar will tell you that we have officially ticked over into Autumn.

Although we might get a few more warm, temperate and sunny days, you can now officially begin the countdown to Halloween. Before you know it, leaves will be falling and you’ll be able to see your breath outdoors, so if you have Autumn traditions, now is the time to start putting them into practice.


One tradition that is worth developing is the more subdued cousin of Spring cleaning; a wide-ranging clean and reorganising project that gets your home ready for the change in seasons. Although humans are among the species that do not hibernate, you’re likely to be spending more time indoors going forward – so it’s time to make sure your home is at its most inviting, which means large-scale cleaning, tidying and maintenance jobs should be done now.


Give the exterior the once-over


Before you know it, the sun is going to be setting at close to 4pm, and there will be more rainy days than bright ones, and this kind of eternal dusk has a way of attaching itself to your house. Metaphorically, in the sense that it’s going to be darker than usual, and literally, in the sense that rain leads to mud. Your house is going to take the brunt of this, but you should make sure it is clean underneath; if you get fine layers of mud over any exterior staining, it will be close to impossible to remove once spring comes around. A quick external clean is a good idea. Check your gutters for blockages, because once leaves start to fall this can become hazardous.


Search and destroy any draughts


In a few weeks’ time it will be hard to believe that not so long ago, we were basking in a heatwave. Due to the climate in the UK, we can see temperatures dropping from close to 30 one week into the low double, or even single figures. If you have a draught or two in your house, you’re soon going to know about it. So check out any signs of colder air making its way into your house; consult experts such as the Bifold Doctor if repairs are needed to doors and windows; and make sure the cold air stays outside where it belongs this season. You may not have switched the heating on yet, but when you do, you want to feel the benefit.


Get ready to switch to cold-weather furnishings


Most homes will have two main settings – one for the summer, which involves thin fabrics and bright colours throughout the home, and another for the winter, which is much the opposite. As we’ve noted, you may still find the weather to be warm enough for the first setting, but before too long that will change. At this point, thicker duvets will be the order of the day, and warm blankets and throws will be welcome too. You may even choose thermal curtains or blinds to keep the heat in, and an autumnal aesthetic is also worth exploring.

Autumn is more than just a gentle step towards Christmas; the season is full of joys of its own. You can ensure you make the most of them by getting your home ready for the change in seasons.

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