On Bank holiday Monday, we went for an explore in the woods.

An unexpected highlight for Arlo was the bluebells. He loved the ‘pretty flowers’ so much that he didn’t want to leave them.

I don’t know what we were thinking taking a buggy to a muddy, steep hillside wood. Serious brain-blip. Might as well strike me off the babywearing list now. The sling was made for trips like this. But instead, we both burned a few extra calories lugging the buggy through muddy trenches.

I’ve borrowed my brother’s 28mm lens for my portrait shoots and it was great to try it out on our walk too. First up on my photography wishlist is a slightly wider lens like this. I love my 50mm, but with my camera’s sensor it can be a bit close sometimes. Plus, this lens is noticeably faster and more efficient at focusing.

It was a fun little outing and something a bit different for Arlo. I just wished I’d purchased him some wellies sooner.


Again, a huge thanks to anyone that voted for me in the Britmum’s Awards. I discovered yesterday that this blog is a finalist! I never thought this would happen, so, yeah…thank you.


  1. Arlo looks like he really enjoyed his country adventures. Wellies a must for next time and a pack carrier for those tired moments. So pleased you enjoyed your country day and thank you for sharing those gorgeous photos on Country Kids. Many congratulations on your Britmum’s finalist position too. A huge achievement, well done!

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