So, the walking thing really took off last week and I had to hurriedly buy Arlo a pair of shoes. Now he had his shoes, it meant we could go for a proper walking adventure outside of the house. The day after the great footwear purchase was a lovely sunny day, perfect to give this walking-with-shoes thing a whirl.

Arlo wasn’t convinced with having shoes on, nor was he convinced by the busy, noisy playground. But he soon cheered up once he realised he could watch the trains go past on the track that runs behind the playground.

The above photos taken a week ago mark the last time I saw quiet, reflective, shy Arlo. After a few minutes of contemplation, he was up and he was off. That was it. I couldn’t stop him.

He walked for what seemed like ever such a long time for someone who had previously only had the experience of a ten metre indoor run. He didn’t want to get back in the buggy when it was time to leave, he just wanted to keep on walking round and round the park. Now that he’s walking the majority of the time, he seems so much taller. He stood up and literally unfolded.

Sam and I are loving this walking thing so far. The three of us have all held hands walking to Tesco, Arlo in the middle. We’ve walked to the playground. We’ve walked up to the front door from the car and knocked to enter. We’ve run after him as he made a break for it and attempted to walk up the ‘down’ escalator.

As it’s still very new to us, it’s exciting to think about the different options available to us now. ‘Hang on, I don’t have to carry him, I can put him down and see what happens’. It’s a different way of thinking, opening up a whole new way of doing things. A whole new woooorld, a new fantastic point of view. (I am writing this at midnight on Saturday night. Wine.)

Since the walking started, he’s become louder. He’s found his happy shouty voice, and he’s been trying to engage other toddlers in play. Clingy Arlo has taken a holiday. He is happy to walk out in front, exploring at his own pace, calling ‘Mama…mama!’ every so often, like he’s saying ‘Look at me!’.

He’s grown a few feet and a lot of confidence. I am loving the walking. Holding hands with Grandma and Dada.


Photobook update

Walking is such a big stage, and I absolutely love that unsteady toddling stage. I’m sure I’ll end up dedicating a whole section of Arlo’s second year photobook to these moments where he went from crawling to walking. Continuing my big photobook project, here are some of the layouts I’ve created recently.

These two will form a double page spread like this:

So excited to print this already.

(Sam thinks some of the layouts are a bit on the cheesy-magazine-layout side. He may be right, I’m finding that it can be difficult to strike the right balance between images and text.)


  1. So cute! I can’t wait for Lil to start walking, carrying is a nightmare. It’s great that he’s started to unravel into a little person. Xx

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