I take a lot of photos of Arlo. The Arlo folder on the computer is ever growing, sprawled across a maze of subfolders depending on his age in weeks. I love looking at all the photos we’ve taken so far, but ask me what we got up to the day that photo was taken and I could not tell you. So the main aim of Arlo’s Adventures is to create a photographic narrative, even if it serves no other purpose than being something nice for me to look back on when I’m in a mood for remeniscing.

I am staying with my mum this week. My baby does not like to sleep unless on the move. Luckily for Oscar the dog, this means lots of walks for him. Today we walked through the common to Richmond Park.

It was pretty sunny today, hottest day of the year so far. Here is Arlo trying on his new summer hat before we set off:

We walked through the woods to get to the park:

Here are those bare toes I was on about in my last post, and my cheapskate makeshift muslin sunshade:

We had just got to Richmond Park when I noticed Oscar was limping. He lay down and growled when I tried to have a look at his paw. So we turned back because I was thinking there was no way I could carry a dog and push the buggy at the same time if his limp got worse. Arlo was sleeping by the time we got back to the common so I took the opportunity to lie in the sun and give Oscar a rest. Arlo was dozing in the shade, I was lying on a rug in the sun thinking, ‘This is great, this is really great. I am so happy to be on maternity leave for summer’. Of course, any blanket/towel/rug on the floor, Oscar thinks is fair game.

Thanks so much for getting your muddy paws all over my new picnic blanket, Oscar.

And of course, I have stopped moving, so Arlo wakes up and is not greatly pleased about this new turn of events. My sun time lasting a whole four minutes including laying out and packing away the picnic blanket.

But the good news is that Oscar’s limp is no more. Phantom limp?  Magical picnic blanket healing powers? Who knows.

Arlo’s adventures are to be continued…

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