As our family are ‘Friends of ZSL’, Arlo has been to London Zoo a few times in his little life, including an in utero trip during a London heat wave when I was eight months pregnant  – what were we thinking?!

Seizing the opportunity during the recent bank holiday, we decided to take the two hour drive to Whipsnade Zoo. Sam had never been before, I had been once when I was a child and remembered little apart from the lasting impression that it was a nice zoo with lots of space for the animals.

After visiting again, I was pleased to see that this was still the case. The enclosures are lovely and big, there is a lot less crowd noise and people traffic than at London Zoo, and all the animals seemed very content as far as I could tell. There are capybaras running free in the grounds, and the elephants are taken for walks around the zoo – it was great to see them up close.  This was definitely more a trip for Sam and I, Arlo showed little interest in the animals apart from when they were moving very close to him, but he enjoyed having lots of sling time with his Dad and walking about in the fresh air.

Apologies for the distinct lack of photos of myself. I’m the snap happy one in the family and am therefore usually behind the camera. I also dislike 95% of photos of me and, as editor of this blog, it is far too easy to omit them.

Bluebell fields (where the wolves live)

Sling Time


Watching the sea lion show


Elephants having a stroll

Forget elephants, Arlo was more interested in his dad’s hair

Lovely views

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