He had heard the rumours. His own parents had been telling him all week that he was going to meet the real Thomas soon.

‘Don’t be silly mama and dada’, he laughed. ‘I see the real Thomas every day. He lives in my toy box, and inside the TV’.

Finally, the day came. Arlo, mama, dada, grandma and grandad, and uncle Chris all loaded into the car. ‘We shall see’, thought Arlo to himself.

They soon arrived at a place called Tunbridge Wells. ‘So, this is where the big T lives, is it?’, Arlo eyed the place with suspicion. ‘I’m pretty sure he’s in my rucksack, where I left him for safekeeping’.

‘No, no, no’ he said as they approached the trains. ‘Can it be true?!’.

All the engines were peep peeping and toot tooting at him, he didn’t quite know what to say in return.

Then all of a sudden, Thomas himself came speeding into view, taking the lead in a race with that arrogant diesel train – just as he does inside the TV at home.

The REAL Thomas.

Now he understood.

He was very quite on the way home. ‘Just think, a world where Thomas exists outside of my house, with hundreds of other children all clutching their Thomas’s, just like I do.

Next thing I know, I’ll probably be riding the Ninky Nonk at the o2.’


  1. Lovely pics as ever. And oh my lord my tot would love that place. Obsessed with trains and wheels. May keep it quiet for a while yet 😉 I know you’ve told me before but what camera do you use? Your shots are great.

    1. It’s quite a good day out for train obsessed little ones!

      I have a Canon 40d SLR, and this outing was shot on a 28mm 1.8 lens – my new toy : )

  2. I used to love Thomas the Tank Engine as a kid (yes, I was a massive tom-boy)…but more to the point, I adore the colouring you used on these photos!

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