There’s been a lot going on since we got back from France. Weekends have been busy and we’ve not had much in the way of quality family time together. So, it was nice to take advantage of the extra day at bank holiday weekend, and the three of us took a trip to Southbank.

Sam and I were drawn in by the Real Food Market (screw family time, this was the real reason we went to Southbank).

There were so many great looking food stalls, it was really difficult to choose where to eat.

Mmmmm, Banghra Burgers. We’d sampled these guys already at the Lambeth Country Fair. And then Sam cooked up a pretty spot on recreation at home for me and our friend Tommy (Hi Tommy). Obviously had to take a photo of their stall.

Arlo enjoyed lunch too. This is his adventure after all.

Dingle dangle Scarecrow in the roof garden.

One for Pinterest. (Sam took this photo, he wanted me to mention this specifically as he thinks his Iphone takes better photos than my Iphone, so there you go).

Southbank day also marks the first time that we have gone on a day trip and I haven’t got my boobs out once. I’m so used to doing this every couple of hours, it felt a bit strange. In the last few weeks, Arlo has decided to cut out the mid morning feed and is now having a bottle of his hydrolysed milk in the afternoon. He’s growing up.

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