I love our chats. You ask something, I give you an answer, and then we discuss it. If you don’t quite know the word for something, but you want to talk about it, you are really good at describing it so I can work out what you mean. Our conversations at the moment are a new level of grown up, and it’s one of the things I have most enjoyed about you at this age.


When you announced that you didn’t like Thomas any more, but you still liked trains, I laughed, but then I realised that you were right. Slowly, since you turned three, Thomas has been taking a back seat without me realising. You no longer want to read the books, watch the songs or the program, and you rarely play with your Thomas trains any more. You still get out your train track from time to time, but the main draw is the construction of the track, rather than playing with it – once the track is constructed, you break it up and start again.


Although your most defining interest thus far has dwindled, you have not lost your tendency to ‘go large’ when it comes to obsessions. Oh no. When you love something, you REALLY love something. Dinosaurs are BIG BIG news. As are jigsaws. And everyone knows about it. Which is why you have FOUR dinosaur jigsaws. Thanks to repeated viewings of Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures, and nightly readings of the Usborne Big Book of Dinosaurs, your Dino knowledge is remarkably extensive.


You are exercising your powers of reasoning, or should I say your powers of persuasion. You have an answer for everything: “No we can’t have a sleepover at grandma’s tonight, we’ve got work and preschool tomorrow” “Well, we could just get up early in the morning and go straight there”. Every declined request is met with “Well, I think…” It always makes me smile to hear your well-argued responses.


You give people nicknames, something I also used to do as a child. Except your skills have FAR surpassed mine. I’m going to note a few here because I’m bound to forget some otherwise. Daddery, Dada Cling Clack, Mumber Tumber Day – and Rory, he has the most of all: Walls, Wallser, Warborbobbles and Friends, Woo, Woobie, Begelley Flakes, The Gubbler, Gubbler-tunu, Goobley Geebley, Bavekin, Babelar, Bungleberry, Macklefriend, Big  Fan of Chaps, Piggin Head, Pingin Gingin, Piggin Five, Miggin Head, Drive Down To The City, Townshair., Holidays, Believe, Realise.


Your favourite thing to do is explore new parks and pubs. Basically, just like your dad. You bound into preschool every morning. You are out of nappies completely. You are practically inseparable from your bike. Your sense of geography and direction astounds me – you can pretty much navigate from Tooting to Purley via Crystal Palace, you know ALL the roads, and where EVERYTHING is. You don’t always want a cuddle from me, but occasionally you throw your arms around me spontaneously and exclaim “Oh, I LOVE you, mama”.


If I could have a few wishes for your future (and Rory’s) it would be for you to always be a kind person, and to always make time to do things that make you happy – I think that’s the key to leading a pretty good life.


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