arlo6squareFrom that unwitting last glass of wine and cigarette, to the ensuing gobsmack at a late night positive pregnancy test – you made me a mother in an instant.


It took a little longer for me to truly feel like a mother. But now, here we are.

You have two younger siblings, a nice house, a settled family.

I’ll say it every year, but I can’t quite believe it’s been six years since our lives changed in the most definite way.

Now you are six.


You’ve been planning your party for approximately 11 months and 30 days. After a quiet one last year, we are doing a big one for you this year. Lots of your school friends and some totally cool and slightly geeky dinosaur party entertainment. I hope it’s everything that you want it to be.

You asked me very sweetly the other day if I’d “had time yet to have a think about some birthday presents for [you]”. Yes, it has been a busy month and I think you must have overheard me talking to your Dada, as you always do. You are always listening.

Of course we have got presents for you, and we can’t wait to open them with you.

So, what are you like at six years old?

You are talkative. You rarely stop talking. You always have questions. You always question my answers until you are satisfied with the answer I’ve given.

You rarely take no for an answer. With you, there is always a solution, a way that makes it OK. “Because I said so” is definitely not a good enough reason to not be allowed to do something.

You like to find the highest house number on any given street. Your favourite road is on the way to your grandma’s because the houses go up to 1000!

Last year, one of your big interests was architecture. You still love The Shard, but there is a new obsession on the block. Star Wars.

Your interest was piqued by the fact that your BB-8 toy features in the latest film (funny that), and within weeks you had blitzed through every single film and then moved on to Droid tales, Clone Wars, The Lego Star Wars video game, and any other part of the franchise you could get your hands on. Dada is loving getting to share one of his favourite things with you.

It will never fail to impress me that after just one viewing of each of the films, you could recall which scenes were from which film, calling them by their episode numbers rather than film names, and doing so without even a second of thinking time. You also grasped chronological ordering VS release date ordering straight away. You’ll be on Mastermind before we know it.

School is still proving to be a happy place for you and I hope that long continues. In your own entirely immodest yet matter of fact words “School is easy. Nothing is ever too difficult for me at school”.

You are excited that now you have moved to to year 1, there are lots more factual books to choose from. You are always coming home with encyclopaedias, and I had a good giggle when I saw that your teacher had noted down in your reading record that you had asked to read the dictionary with her. When I asked you about it, you said “I hadn’t seen that book before” and you immediately wanted to know what it was.

You are so loving with all of your family. You love leaning in for a cuddle, and you are very close with your grandparents and all of your aunties and uncles too. You continue to be the best and kindest big brother to both of your younger siblings. You don’t yet have cousins, but you were so born to be the eldest of your generation in our family, with your caring nature.

You have always seen the world in your own way. Motherhood for me recently has been wanting to give you the world and a happy life, and the urge to fight for anything that you may need.

I hope you continue to be the happy, thoughtful, loving person that you are.

I hope you have the best time being six.


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