Sam finished work for Christmas a week ago. It’s been amazing.

Just having another pair of hands around all day makes all the difference. It’s certainly made me realise that my adjustment of going from one child to two has kicked up a notch since the early days where I happily proclaimed that it wasn’t as hard as I had expected it to be.

We’re getting less sleep than we ever have (Arlo is averaging 3 wake ups per night, and Rory every 1.5 hours), everyone’s got this lingering cold / sore throat thing going on, and we aren’t even doing anything of note with our days. But this break from the norm has been so, so nice.

Having finished my photography work at the beginning of the week, I thought Sam being around would give me lots of time to blog. But, although there is lots that I want to write down, I’ve found that I haven’t wanted to give myself more tasks that involve separating myself from my family. So, we’ve been spending our time together instead.

But, today I did take some time to complete one of many projects sitting half-finished on my PC (thanks goes to Carie of Space for the Butterflies and her lovely video of her girls for giving me the motivation to do so).

Here are my boys, together – siblings for six months and counting.

At this moment in time, Arlo is so kind-hearted towards Rory and absolutely revels in his little brother’s delight. And Rory is thoroughly entertained by his big brother. But I don’t want to project my ideals of what a sibling relationship should be, nor do I expect that their evolving relationship will remain so rosy and simplistic as it is now. I want to record the finer details of their lives together, month by month. Which is why I’m joining in with a new photo project in 2014 (next month!!)


Think Me and Mine, but with the children only, and you have Siblings, full details here. Get ready with your sibling photos on the 10th of each month!


  1. Awwwww, that video is so stinkin’ cute!!! What a lovely relationship they have already. I always love the photos you get of your boys together, can’t wait to see what you share for Siblings. EEEEK, I’m so excited now! x

  2. Oh this is just so cute – I’m so glad you finished it. Your pictures are gorgeous and the video is so sweet – Arlo’s such a loving big brother, it’s beautiful to see.

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