My six year old self (who thought a trip to Toys R Us was the ultimate day out) has been jumping up and down all week since we found out that Arlo is going to be a 2012 Toyologist. He’s not even two and he’s already landed his dream job.

 Arlo (together with help from me and Sam) will be reviewing all sorts of toys for Toys R Us from now until Christmas time. The aim of the reviews is to help parents/relatives/friends in deciding which of the season’s popular toys might be best for their children, and to provide helpful feedback for the toy manufacturers.  The guys behind the Toyologist program are really encouraging us to give completely honest reviews, especially any negative points for the toy manufacturers to take on board. I’m told that last year’s constructive Toyologist reviews resulted in a change of packaging for one of the toys.

The reviews will be posted on the Toys R Us UK Facebook page, and on the Toyologist Toy Box blog. The reviews will also be posted directly on the Toys R Us website, so you will see them when browsing for toys. I will be keeping an eye on comments on both Facebook and the blog so as to be on hand to answer any specific questions about the toys in my reviews. ‘Like ‘ the Toys R Us FB page to see my updates and all the other Toyologist reviews. We are all parents with kids ranging from 0 – 9+, so the reviews are going to be an awesome resource for deciding what to buy for Christmas, birthdays, etc.

Arlo’s first toy delivery arrives in a few days so expect to see reviews up on Facebook very soon!


I thought I’d post my
review of our ‘Must have’ toy for the 0 – 36 month age range (The purple Toyologist group), which served as part of my application to the Toyologist program.

At six months, he enjoyed chewing them.

At one year, they aided his hand/eye co-ordination.

At 19 months, they helped him learn his colours.

At 21 months, they helped him recognise numbers and practise counting.

And to this day, they are still used regularly for their primary objective.

When thinking about ‘can’t live without’ toys for the Toyologists Purple age group, I wanted to review something that has stood the test of time all the way from the baby stage well into the toddler years. 0 – 3 is such a big age range, there is a whole lot of development that happens during that time frame, so multi-purpose toys with longevity are very important. A toy that can keep a child engaged as he or she reaches each new developmental stage gives not only a huge amount of educational value, but value for money too.

I can’t think of any toy that Arlo has played with more consistently than his stacking cups. He is learning numbers at the moment, so he really enjoys telling me which numbers he can recognise on the bottom of the cups. Sneakily, I have also been using the stacking cups as a tool to teach him the principles of tidying up – Arlo thinks finding all the cups and stacking them inside each other is a great game.

Design-wise, they are bright, cheerful, and easy to clean. A big plus point is that they are compact enough to be easily packed for holidays and days out. These cups have accompanied us on many trips, and I’m proud to say that after all this time we still have the full set!

From an aesthetic point of view, I would perhaps prefer a wooden set to these plastic-fantastic ones, but then they wouldn’t be as lightweight and portable as the plastic cups, which is one of the main things I like about the set. The numbers could be a little more visible, a different colour to the rest of the cup would help them stand out more, but it doesn’t seem to cause any issue for Arlo and he has no problem recognising all the numbers.

The cups have been a really useful aid for learning colours and numbers, as well as dexterity and cause and effect when he was a baby. This is a toy with maximum educational value. Without a doubt, stacking cups are our must-have toy for the 0-36 month age range, and they get a big thumbs up from Arlo.

Oh, and they make a good hat, too.

I’ve included a little educational video of the main uses of stacking cups, which I have carefully translated from ‘toddler’ to the English language.


  1. Very jealous! I only found out about the application form about 6 hours after the deadline, I was gutted. I hope Arlo (and both you and Sam enjoy the toys)! Bet you can’t wait for the first package to arrive!

  2. yay well done you in getting into the toyologist 202 spot we really enjoyed last year but I missed the deadline to apply this year – that’ll teach me to go on holiday 😉 Anyway have a ball and I will be sureto come over and see your reviews!

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