Dear Arlo,

You went duck crazy this month. Ever since your first duck-feeding experience, whenever we ask what you want to do today, the response is always “Walk!….Duck!” Also, thanks to your dada, you can now say and identify coots and moorhens. This might make you the geekiest toddler around.

You are obsessed with your belly button, and point it out at least three times a day. Belly button is the new “Ears!”.

You have started to string words together and are coming out with loads of two-word phrases. “Purple shoes”, “Baby Dog”, “Green train”, “Two ants”, “Night Night Dada”, “Black cat”. I often hear you muttering phrases to yourself as if you are practising. Your favourite two-word phrases all start with the word ‘more’. In fact, judging by how much you use this word at the moment, especially when it comes to food, I think it must be your new favourite word.

Because you are just learning to make sentences, the flow between your words is quite amusing. The words are abrupt, with a long pause in between the two, like you’ve decided to add a full stop in there. “MORE. Cheese. MORE. Cheese”. This was your first ever two-word combination – it took me a while to realise what you were saying because you were muttering it in such a monotone chant.

Now that your vocabulary has grown and you can say little sentences, we are able to see just how good your memory is. You tell me what you did the day before. “Poo. Bath. Dada. Rain.” which roughly translates to “I did a poo in the bath. Dada was there. You and dada showered me down.” And when dada gets home from work, you tell him what you did with mama during the day. “Walk. Ducks! Cat. Black…. Choc choc!” (We went for a walk, saw the ducks, played with a friendly black cat, and had some chocolate as a treat).

You can tell when someone is asking you a question, and you always answer with an enthusiastic “Dee!”. Dee is how you say yes. That is, unless I ask you if you have done a poo. Your answer to that one is always no.

I was watching you recently and I noticed that you were eating, drawing, and pointing all with your left hand, so It looks like you might be left-handed just like your mama. It’s pretty good really, because thanks to the right-handed majority, we can also use our right hands for most things too. Although it’s quite annoying when your hand smudges the ink as it brushes over the part you’ve just written.

You love animals so much at the moment. Cats are your favourite. Although you can be a bit shy around people, you have no hesitation in getting right up close to animals. You really like bugs at the moment too. Dada has been showing you all sorts of bugs in the garden, and letting spiders crawl all over you, which you love.

You love songs. Especially songs with actions. You make requests now and tell me which ones you want me to sing. This is usually Choo Choo song (anything from Thomas the Tank Engine), or The Wheels on the Bus.

Your attention span for books has grown so much recently. You are now happy to sit and read books with longer parts of text, and you don’t try to skip immediately to the next page. The words are starting to captivate you just as much as the pictures.

I think dada is your favourite person this month, because all your favourite things are centered around him. Races with dada, wrestling with dada, building forts with dada. You have been giving him the lovliest ‘home from work’ greetings recently. You say “Dada!” in a hugely excited cry and drop whatever you are doing to run and give him a big cuddle. Dada likes this very much.

Dinner time is one of your favourite parts of the day. You now help to lay the table, and you remind us which objects we need to hand you to put on the table. When you see that dinner is being prepared, you get very excited and demand to sit in your chair even when dinner might not be ready for another 45 minutes. You still don’t really eat much food, I think you just love spending that time with the three of us all together.

Love Mama


  1. So cute! He talks so well too, boys are usually a bit slower with talking I think and most of the boys we know that are the same age as Arlo and Iyla don’t really say anything. I guess they are all different though. Love the first photo! X

    1. Yes, I think you are right…or at least people keep telling me that he speaks quite well for a boy of his age. Although his pronunciation is all over the place so if you didn’t know him, it would be hard to understand what he’s saying half the time!

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