Or, ‘Lots of photos of Arlo staring at things from his buggy’.

Or, ‘Look at Arlo’s new haircut’.

Arlo and I took the train into Crystal Palace to watch the torch relay. I thought we’d missed the bit in the park, but we arrived just in the nick of time. There were a few pauses whilst the torch was taken around the running track in the stadium, and then for the crew to have a drinks break, so we had time to get into position further up the path for a second and third viewing of the torch procession. Lucky Arlo.

First sight of the torch, unlit. Anti-climax.

Second go:

A little further down the road, yet another torchbearer…

It actually turned out that the Olympic Torch Relay was the height of Arlo’s day. There were lots of police cars and buses for him to admire. He sat happily in his buggy for about 45 minutes.


As the torchbearer was passing, I turned around to see Arlo giving him a hearty round of applause along with the rest of the crowd – clearly he had no idea what he was clapping for, but full marks for enthusiasm.

Oh, and yes, Sam cut Arlo’s hair at the weekend while I was out. His exact words on the phone to me were “I’ve had a few drinks and cut Arlo’s hair”. He seems to have given him a bit of a trendy short-on-the-sides-long-on-the-top cut, and he now looks four years old.

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